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House Beautiful !
It's time to make your life stress-free by organizing your space. 

I agree there is no one way to do this...but I believe that without de-cluttering your space you will not be able to efficiently organize it. So first go ahead , choose your start-off point...a closet maybe, make it clutter free and then you start organizing it. ( For tips on de-cluttering see my earlier post)

Having things organized will make you spend less time finding them. You'll now have more time to use those things and enjoy them ! Organizing your home will maximize your efficiency and definitely change the quality of life...for the better ofcourse !

Here are a few simple tips to start organizing your home:
  • Organize yourself : Simplify your day - Use an organizer, a calendar ! Plan your day in terms of your everyday chores. Make sure you have lists, deadlines and reminders set for important jobs and events. The more organized you will be, the more organized your home will be !
  • Create a Plan : Decide where you want to start. Maybe  start with the most used space of your home : the family room, the foyer closet ! Then you decide on what's the best plan of organization for you : Where to keep what ? Well, for that, go through your day and make a note of what things are most used and what are not. Then based on the frequency of use, the ease with which you (and/ or the other members of the family) would need to find the item, the location that would best house it will fall into place.
  • Group them : Store all similar items in one location. Place all everyday tools ( like scissors, stapler, paper clips), store all sheets / towels together, group all medicines, all decorations, winter clothes , summer sports equipment  etc. Keeping all similar stuff in one place will help you remember where to or in which direction to go to for a particular thing at-least !
Group Them !
  • Label them : Label your storage containers for ease of finding them. It helps a long way to cut on the "search time" for any item. For have kept all your kitchen linens in a particular closet, but don't know which box houses the dish towels and which houses table linens. Here, a simple tag or a label will help !

Group them & Label them!
  • See-through them: To store household and other items that you place inside the cabinets especially, use see-through containers and boxes. You may not need to label them then ! These see-through containers not only help keep a tab on what needs to be replenished but also cut down the time you would use to find stuff.

See-Through Containers !
  • Maximize efficiency : Use simple things like drawer dividers, small containers within larger ones, boxes on shelves, lazy susans within cabinets etc. to make your storage space more efficient . A regular drawer will hold all your home office supplies...but will still be a mess. To simplify such organizing issues, use smaller containers to separate stuff but still keep them in one location so that you have just one place to go to for all your office supplies.
Maximize efficiency using simple boxes
  • Re-Use everyday items: Design simple and effective storage solutions with everyday items like gift boxes, thick paper bags etc. Create an efficient storage system using shoes boxes. Use them to hold things that usually are kept in the garage or tucked away in a closet.. like holiday decorations. Fill the shoe boxes with the stuff, label them and stack them. Doing this will also save you money $$ !
Gift boxes as storage!
  • Don't forget the floor : The floor space within the closet is a place that is often neglected or just a big pile of mess. Make sure you use it wisely for storage using boxes and such. Use this extra space to store something flat or for storing shoes etc. Maximize your storage space by utilizing this valuable real-estate.
Use the floor space to hold storage boxes too !

I believe these simple lil' tips will help you do some basic organizing in any space. There are many resources and storage systems out there that you can use to some major and detailed organizing. Each room has different needs and uses of storage. Again, there is no one way to organize your home. Organize it in a way that works for you and your family 's lifestyle.

And its important to remember that just like the process of de-cluttering, once you organize, you will need to maintain it...keep it organized. To do this you'll have to :
  • Set Right Location: Make sure you have allotted the right location for storing things ( you may arrive at the best location after trying out a few different ones ).
  • Return to its box: Enforce the rule for all family members that things have to be returned to its original storage location. 
  • Clean-Up Routine : Every nite before bed-time allot about 10-15 minutes to go around the house and clean up and do some superficial de-cluttering . You can include your family to do this along with you.
Well, the idea behind organizing your home is to make sure your home is clutter -free and functional. Once it is organized, your home will not only look neat and clean, but also be more efficient. This in turn will make you more efficient around the house. You will be able to spend more time with family enjoying your space.

So ... Keep it Simple, Keep it Organized, Keep your Life Stress-Free !

Photos: The Container Store

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  1. Yep.True : All of them.Nice set of tips :)

    Clean-Up Routine for the nite is the tuffest when you want to drop off to bed.But, the next morning when you see how your house after you wake up,it feels so good and fresh!


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