What's your Design Style ?

We moved recently from an apartment to a single family home. And needless to say we wanted a new decor in the new place! With a combination of a few new things like curtains, rugs etc and some old stuff that we already had, we created a look that we loved ! Once all settled in, we started having people over, and there they were...the questions...that had me dumbfounded: What is this design style called ? Can you suggest what design would suit my house ?
What's Your Style ?
That's when I went online to gain some inspiration to "name" my design style....and came upon the term "Home Styling " on almost every other page. And here's what they said :
Home Styling :
  • The "IN" thing  
  • Home Staging is also called Property Styling or Home Styling in some parts of the world.
So I guess, It started off as being a fancy term for Home Staging...but professionals and design novices have taken it and run with with it and now it is a lil' closer to meaning Home Design or Interior Design !
Maybe Rustic Modern !
Coming back to " Styling" :
For me, "I have styled my home" is just another one way of saying that "I have cleaned, organized and beautified my space enough to make it a practical and a happy sanctuary for myself ! "

I understand that the terms "clean", "organize" and "beauty" can and will mean different things to different people. That just adds to the equation. But I think that before you set out to do choose a Style ! How is one to say that contemporary chic styled space looks better than the classic modern styled space? How is one to choose his or her perfect design style ?

Maybe Traditional Victorian !
And when there are a gazillion different design styles out there (and more evolving by the minute may be), it doesn't help! For example, here are some names of the design styles that could seem similar and that could totally confuse people or even irritate them : Modern, Contemporary, Futuristic , Minimalist, High Tech . So whats the exact difference between these styles ? Is there a marked border or is there a very thin line differentiating Futuristic and High-Tech !   
Contemporary : Chic or Classic!

Even a Basic style (and a well-known style) like The Contemporary Style can have so many different variations to it like : Contemporary Chic, Contemporary Transitional, Contemporary Casual, Contemporary Minimalist, Contemporary Modern, Classic Contemporary etc etc. So what I am trying to say is that design styles (like the ones mentioned above and many more that have been used to describe real-life interior design projects) do not have an exact meaning that everyone can agree upon or that everyone can even understand !

Is this Country Style ? Western Style ? Log Cabin Style ?
So now the questions :  What style should you choose to style your home? Should you choose the Cottage Style over the Country style ? Should you choose a Modern style over the Contemporary style ? And more 'how' to choose a style ?
Here are a few possible solutions that MAY help narrow down your preferences (not in any order ) :
  1. Be Inspired by something you See on TV, Magazines or anywhere else.
  2. Be Inspired by some Place ( Hawaii , Morocco etc etc )
  3. Design Deriving Quizzes ( online or in magazines )
  4. A Design Professional
Does this Chair call out to you !
The inspiration for the style of my home - interiors was the color combination of a painting that had green and brown hues !
Your inspiration could be anything! A movie, a bunch of flowers, a holiday spot, a restaurant, your favorite cupcake flavor, a photograph, a rug, a chair ,a dress, the colors of your favorite sports team, nature, the boardwalk, a vase, ...the list is endless.

Do you love this Bold color Palette ?
You see a High Wing Back Chair with Damask pattern in Retro colors in a furniture store.  You like Love how it looks, you know it will fit in your Reading Nook ! Sit on it. See if you feel comfortable in it. Take it and style the nook around it ! It could be the jump off point for your design ! It could be your design style inspiration ! If I were you, to go with this chair, I would maybe add a very subtle color in the same palette for the wall, keep the accessories bold but to a bare minimum, add a mono-hued rug for warmth, choose a sleek Lamp shade to go with the space.  And if you really want to give your style a name , we can name it Eclectic-Retro Style or even Retro Classic!!! Seriously, I don't think anyone is going to judge you by the "name" you give it. Oh well, maybe some !

You like what you  see in the book ?

OK, so you browse through magazines and stores but still can't make up your mind....maybe a quiz can help ! There are so many many different quizzes on the internet where you answer a bunch of questions , ranging anywhere from 8-18 in number...and it will suggest a design style for you based on your preference of what you want your guests to feel, what you like to eat, what is your idea of fun, what brand of shoes you like, what flower best describes you, so on and so forth!
Inspired from a recent Holiday ?
For sure its fun to see what style it comes up with. But honestly, Are you going to feel comfortable and satisfied at the suggestion the internet provides you with? Some swear by such quizzes and how they have led them to finding the style of their dreams . Not me ! According to one that I took, I should have styled my place in a Victorian Country Style...and personally I am not a big fan of it at all !

That's where a design professional or styling professional steps in. The Inspiration ( in a form of pictures, color swatches, magazine cut-outs etc) combined with a Design Professional's help could very well be the answer to your needs. That's just me ! But some might argue about how will another person know what suits you and your lifestyle. Well, that is a debate for another day.

All said and done, mostly you'll see this at the end of design or style articles: The style of your home is a statement of who you are, your personality ! Maybe true sometimes, not always.

Style your space to make it "You" !
I say go with your gut feeling. Choose what works for YOU, choose what makes YOU happy , what makes YOU comfortable. Don't worry too much about what others think.

Here's to choosing a design style and making a space your dream space !

Happy Styling !

p.s.: I named my design style 'Casual Modern' ! ;)


  1. Heyzz..What abt this " "Be inspired by your friend's/relatives house setting,and try it if you loved it " ;).

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 5, 2013 at 5:17 PM

      Why not Secret. Find inspiration anywhere u want any form ! Thanks for stopping by !


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