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The Coffee Table with its many functions is usually one of the tricky things to accessorize or decorate. Though it usually is placed in the center of the room, it is one of the things that gets neglected or doesn’t get enough attention when it is time to dress up the space !  Many a times it is messy with magazines, newspapers, phones and remotes. The coffee table can be the ultimate spot in your room to reflect your style and personality too. Let’s make use of it. 

Here are a few tips on how to create beautiful coffee table décor : 

1) Bring home the perfect one!
The first thing is to choose the perfect coffee table. You have to make sure you bring in the right one based on its function in the room, the style and scale of your room & furnishings.
Sometimes it so happens that the color and style of the table will not need any 'dressing-up' ... it'll be an excellent piece just by itself !

2) Add Something Fresh
Decorating with flowers , ferns and succulents brings in a nice dash of color to the table. You can use a bunch of fresh cut flowers or just a single stalk, to create that stylish look.
Combining moss or succulents with stones, rocks or pebbles brings in a very zen-like comforting and relaxing feel to the space.

3) Add Interest with Heights & Scales
Using accessories with varying scales and heights will bring in a visual interest to your coffee table setting. You can use just one element and repeat candle stands of different heights.

Or you can use stacked books, hurricane vases and flower arrangements together to create a beautiful display .

Mix and match things that already own and love to create a table decor that  compliments your room. 

4) Have a Second Base

Elements like trays or shallow baskets can help break the monotony of a large coffee table.They also a means to bring more color and texture into the decor.

Trays and charger plates are the perfect solutions for ottomans or other upholstered coffee tables.

5) Show off your personality
In addition to the carefully selected pieces to dress up your coffee table, make sure you add that one piece that reflects YOU…your style and personality. 

It could be something that you picked along your a sculpture or the most amazing book you ever read !
Don’t be afraid that it will clash with the design style. Usually a thing like that will become a major conversation piece.

6) Keep with your design style

One of the easiest ways to get the table decor right is to try and stick to the design or theme of the room. Use something specific to the Lanterns for a Morocco inspired room or Corals for a seaside inspired room.
Use accessories that have complementary colors to reflect the color scheme of the room.

Using accents, fabrics and textures that go with the theme can also help in this.

Sometimes just that one single accent piece on the coffee table will give you  the best look for it !

7) Function Counts
Make your coffee table function as good as it looks ...else you may not be happy with it even if it looks good. Use smart ways to house remotes etc using stylish baskets or small hampers.
You can strategically place it on the table , under the table or right next next to it. A coffee table with built in storage with drawers etc to house in your remotes, tv guides etc will be useful in spaces like family rooms.

A shadow-display coffee table like the one in the picture below, has built in display area that can showcase your collection of little treasures. This will let you have the option of having the top surface area clear to keep your snacks and drinks.

The built in display unit in the coffee table !
I hope these easy tips will help you achieve the best look for your coffee table ! Changing the decor of your Coffee table - the focal point, is an easy way giving your space a new look. Also, its an easy way of updating the decor according to the seasons or holidays !

A well-dressed coffee table completes the look of a room. The key is to make use of this perfect spot to showcase your personal style and your treasures.

Keep it Simple and Keep it You !
Happy Styling !

Photo Credits : Pottery Barn & DecorPad

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