Style Element : Doors for Decor !

Do you have old doors lying around in your garage or workshop ? 
Using some elbow grease, a few coats of paint and a lil creative juice will make that door into a real conversation piece in your home.
Here are a few exciting ideas that you can use to re-purpose those old doors.

 A Rustic Chic Coffee Table 

A Desk-Area Pin-Up Board

 A Message Center

 A Beautiful Head-Board

A Dining Table

Picture Frame 

A Functional Foyer Console 

 A Porch Swing

 A Ceiling Pot-Rack

A simple coffee Table !

A Shelf Backdrop

A Home-Office Desk

Old Doors re-purposed for storage solutions, headboards, wall art, garden feature, notice boards, shelves... I know the possibilities are endless !
Hope these pictures have inspired you to use those old doors and make a style statement of your own !
Happy Styling !


  1. If you want a door for decor the best thing you can do is to use the value and purpose of glass doors. Believe me.

    1. I agree. With so many options available, Glass doors are great when it comes to design & styling. Thanks for stopping by.


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