Summer Decor & Styling - 2012 !

It's June and we are all set to welcome Summer into our lives ! And just as we go about updating our wardrobe and lifestyle, its a fun idea to add refreshing touches to our Home Sweet Home to get ready for Summer. 

Yes, you can't go about changing or buying new pieces of furniture every time there is a change in the season, but you most definitely can add those extra special accents and colors to enjoy and complement the glorious weather.

I personally love to use bright yellow and green accents with greys , whites and black to bring in the summer vibe into my home !

Some themes that people lean towards when styling their home for summer are things to do with water ... like the Sea-Side or the Beach where a lot of blues, neutrals, tans, whites and hints of green come into play.

Garden and Zen inspired ideas are also In now, where they use a lot of nature inspired prints and organic patterns and shapes to complement the theme.  Sand and Pebble colors / shades in your design will lend a very earthy and Zen like feeling to your space.

Another popular theme is the Mediterranean style where you see a lot of bright blues, turquoise especially, with buttery yellows and crisp whites.

Here are few fun decor and styling ideas to help bring in that beautiful summer-y feeling into your home. Most of them inspired by what I saw on my various window shopping trips !

1) Make a Splash :

Use big or small splashes of Color to make a summer statement, liven up your room or just create interest your space. 
  • Color for walls:  Pastels and Whites on the wall are making a come back this summer. They look really cool paired up with vintage and old world styled accessories and few bursts of bold colors. Also you can paint the walls with colors to compliment your theme or even dress them with wall paper to add color !

  • Color with Accessories : Use Rugs, Pillows, Art, Accent pieces etc in various colors to brighten up your room. This is also an easy and a neat trick to compliment and enhance your style or theme. Neon and Tropical colors like Bright Oranges, Sunshine Yellows, Turquoise and Lime Greens pack a good punch ! 

Few of the top summer colors listed by HGTV are Fresh Squeezed Orange, Water's Edge Blue, Crisp White, Nautical Navy, Seaworthy Coral, Nail polish Red, Sunny Yellow, Sky Blue, Flirty Pink, Refreshing Lime.  Most of these colors make great accents with neutral palettes of Greys , Tans and Whites !

2) Mix it Up : 
  • Use textures and patterns (either separately or use them together) to enhance your room...especially if it a nature inspired design style. This is also a good idea for rooms that are styled with just one or two colors !

Compliment a neutral color scheme with different textures. Use soft shag rugs and plush throw pillows made of various materials and fabrics to add depth and dimension to the decor. Other ways to bring in texture to your space are by using sisal rugs and fabrics with woven materials. Another fun idea to bring in texture is by using accent pieces like vases, end tables and sculptures etc made of wood and bone in organic shapes!

Patterns are an excellent way to enhance a theme and style of the room ! A classic pattern that's returning this summer is the Flower Pattern. This isn't your regular grandma's wall paper patterns... I see new contemporary and stylish looking flower based patterns on wallpapers, cushion covers and even window treatments. Use bold colors with strong graphic prints to create a fun and edgy vibe in your room. Use patterns on the ceiling too !

3) Play it Up
There are many many design features in our homes that we tend to overlook when re-styling it. Here are a few ideas on how to play them up this summer :
  • Fireplace Mantels : Add interest to your room by using the mantel to showcase all your collections for the season. If you have a beach theme going on...Use the mantel to show off those large shells, miniature yachts and boats. Or even use the mantel as a base to hold your favorite summer infused colorful work of art. 

  • Headboards : These can be refreshed easily to compliment your theme by adding plain fabrics with summer inspired colors or by using patterned fabrics. You can even paint the headboards to bring in color or the theme you are aiming with shades of blue to mimic the open sea or tan and beige for Sand !

  • Floors: I know that not everyone likes their  floors the way they are. Liven up your old drab hardwood floors with a good coat of paint . Make simple patterns using one or 2 colors for visual interest. Use large Area Rugs to bring in that pop of color !

  • Stylish Storage: Use simple and fun, summer-inspired things to corral all those stuff that you will find lying around in your rooms. For a beach theme, use tin pails of different sizes to hold toys, pens and all your other stuff. For an earth or zen theme, use baskets and bins made of natural materials like woven materials, bamboo and wood.

  • Swing in style : Summer is when you use the porch the most . And Porch Swings are IN this summer again.  You can paint them in bold colors to complement your design style. Even dress them up with fabrics , cushions and fun plush pillows. The wider the swing the better. Most people are using whats called the porch swing beds ... for those warm lazy summer afternoons.

  • Doors & Trims: They are a design feature that we usually don't give a  lot of thought to. Paint only the trims a bold color making a statement of its own. You can also coordinate the trim colors with the color palette used in your room.
  • Lamps : Refresh your lamps by just updating the shades. The bases of the lamps can also be made interesting by painting them or updating them to suit your theme. A crisp white lamp shade with textured fabric, on a bright colored base ( or a color complementing your style) will do the trick most of the time.

  • Hardware : An inexpensive and easy way to add the summer vibe in your kitchen will be to change the hardware ( pulls and knobs ) of the cabinets. With the variety in the materials and colors that they are available in , you will have plenty to choose from for your summer style.
4) Shimmer in Summer
  • Few of the design stores here in the bay area are playing up the glamor factor. By adding shimmer to your design elements you create this visual interest in the it throw pillows, a wall paper design, coffee table accessories, wall art etc.  Combining  metallic finishes with a good burst of color with lime green or a lemony yellow is also very appealing !

5) Let the Light in
  • Refresh your windows. Lighten them up. Replace the heavy drapery with something light and airy like Silk or Cotton sheers , Textured Linens etc. This will create a feeling of much more open  and relaxed  atmosphere indoors.

  • Use Mirrors to grab and bounce the light within your room.  Sunburst Mirrors are In for this summer. So many variations available in so many different finishes. They will be a beautiful focal point against a nice calm sky blue wall or even when set against a bright orange wall!

These were some easy and fun ideas to spruce up your home for the Summer. All you need to do are a few touch-ups 'n updates here & there to make it a beautiful summer retreat.

Remember not to complicate the style with a hotch-potch of design styles and elements, or too many contrasting shapes and colors.

An easy decorating tip is : Be consistent with color hues and schemes. Keep  the decor and style simple and clean ; use colors and bold accent pieces to create visual interest. 

Hope you have a fun summer.
Happy Styling!

Photos Credits: PotteryBarn & DecorPad

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  1. I liked that yellow-orange color usage for Summer.It sure feels "bright" and "full of energy" when its sunny outside.


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