Color Pick : Mint Green !

Mint Green This frosty color is a perfect mix of blue & green. It's a color that's strongly associated with making a room look super cool...meaning icy and uninviting. And thus, not many people like it. I on the other hand just love it !

There are so many many lovely shades & variations of this color like honeydew, spring green, aquamarine, sea green, meadow mist, jungle green, magic mint etc ...that it's hard to pick the best one. My favorite of the lot though is Mint Cream...its a pastel kinda shade of the spring green. 

When I think of mint green, I think of all things nice: Decadent pistachio ice-cream, gorgeous green sapphires, delicate fairy wings ( maybe I am thinking of a certain "Tinker" fairy ) and delicious candy coated almonds !

I am not sure why this color didn't get its due in the past ( other than the 40s and 50s of-course!). I was ecstatic this spring when from among all the pastel shades this lovely color was the 'the chosen one'. Meadow Mist & Mint Cream...variations of the mint green...are among the top summer trend colors for 2012.

Other than it being a sheer visual treat, what I like about this color is its versatility. It can complement & enhance any design style: modern, chic, classic, retro, traditional, eclectic, country etc etc. It can become as elegant or as funky as you style it to be ! I personally like to pair it with white & silver. 


The most common usage of mint green I have seen is in the form of a coffee table  or end table decor. Occasionally, I have seen it used as accent tile color in bathrooms & kitchens. I still think that this trendy color is not used enough!

Don't be intimidated by this cool shade. There is no right or wrong way to style your space using a color that's so fresh & fun. So go ahead and welcome it into your home. For a lil' creative nudge... check out My Minty Inspiration Board . Enjoy !

How about cooling down this Summer with a Dash of Mint ...

Happy Styling !

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  1. I liked the kitchen pic..Instead of the standard colors, mint is a nice color to use in the kitchen


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