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I love the Simply Chic spaces that have been in the limelight lately. They are just so perfect !
Well, what is this "chic style" ? Guess its really hard to pin down its exact definition that everyone can agree upon. To me, its a style that is a perfect combination of minimalist design & simple stylish decor.

Using light shades and hues especially whites along with tans , beiges , greys and natural wood colors add to the relaxed and simple feel of the space. I dig how this style juxtaposes simple and natural textiles & materials to create drama. The most popular choices are linen, cotton, jute, stone and wood.

More than anything, I think its the style's inherent clutter-free look that appeals to me and many out there. That clutter-free look comes with having minimal or selected pieces for decor and furnishings. But it doesn't have to be bare and cold though. The furniture placement is usually driven by comfort. And by placing selected show-pieces and treasures around the room will not only personalize the space, but it will also let them stand out ! 

I also love the occasional pop of color or pattern that is introduced to add extra visual interest. The use of green plants and succulents to break the monotony also contribute to a creating a calm and serene mood in the space. I guess, playing with materials & fabrics of various textures and sheen in a monochromatic theme is the trick to a well styled chic room.

I love how Chic the space looks when luxurious design elements are used alongside simple natural elements. Like using salvaged or rustic wood furniture with a beautiful chandelier. 

There are a ton of different "chic" styles out there and new ones are popping up right this instant. Few that I know are the rustic chic, shabby chic, urban chic, coastal chic, scandinavian chic, modern chic, french chic, cottage chic, eclectic chic, casual chic, contemporary chic & country chic. 

I have decided that my favorite Chic style is somewhere between Shabby Chic & Casual Chic. For more ideas and inspiration check out my pinterest board: Styled Chic.
Go ahead & have some fun creating one that suits your style and enjoy being Chic !

Happy Styling!

credit:deorpad freshome elledecor iwantahouselikethis

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