Room Essentials: Guest Bedroom

Guests are treated as God in some cultures. And even if we do not share that kind of sentiment, we definitely want our guests to feel welcome and have a comfortable stay at our home. Having a stylish & inviting Guest Bedroom will be the way to go.

The 5 Essentials of a Guest Bedroom ...

1) A Comfy Bed : 
Accessorize with plump duvets , plush pillows & soft crisp sheets.  Make sure the bedding is layered but simple enough for ease of use and making the bed the next morning.

2) Nightstands : 

A perfect place to put down stuff like a watch, a pair of glasses and cell phones at the end of the day. A small basket or tray is an awesome add-on here for the guests to keep their keys, change, cards etc organized & easily accessible.

3) Shelves & Hanging rods : 
An empty closet is a perfect place for the guests to unpack and store their clothes & belongings, even their bags. If you have no closet..a few shelves and a space for hanging their clothes will serve the purpose. Make sure to include extra hangers. A bench or luggage rack will be a great addition.

4) A Mirror / Vanity : 

A must have ...the mirror for obvious reasons & vanity even as simple in the form of a floating shelf near the mirror will be the place to keep their personal grooming items.

5) A Chair : 
A comfortable chair in the corner or by a desk ( if you have the place to put one ) is an important piece in a guest bedroom - for putting on shoes, place to sit down & write something or just plopping down after a fun day with the hosts !

Once you have the basics covered in the guest bedroom, i think its equally important to decorate & style it properly.

The 5 Essential Styling Tips for Guest Bedrooms :

1) Simple & Clutter Free : 
Avoid having too many showpieces & furniture pieces around the room. Select accents that are simple and decorative. Choose a pleasing & calm palette of colors to style the room. 

2) Good lighting : 
In addition to the overhead light fixture, having a bedside lamp is always a plus. Such lighting at lower level will be perfect for reading in bed.

3) Window treatments : 
Keep it light & airy, make sure its serves the purpose :  thick fabrics or shades for privacy and / or blocking out the morning sun or letting just enough light into the room using sheers. 

4) Rugs  : 
If you have wooden floors, rugs especially on the sides of the bed will make sure your guests step onto something nice and warm in the morning.

5) Avoid personalizing the room : 
Make sure you do not overbear the room with personal collections, family photos and such. Accessorize the room in a way that your guests feel at home ( and not like they are invading your private space ).

A Lil' something extra : 
Have a basket with special treats like cookies, a packet of mixed nuts, fresh fruit & bottled water waiting for them in the room. Books & magazines, a pad of paper with a pen / pencil, an easy-to-use alarm clock, a box of tissues, a warm fuzzy pair of slippers or socks and extra towels in the room are some other thoughtful touches you could include.

This list of Guest Room Essentials will give you a head-start to design & decorate one. Add to this list of mine and create your own perfect Guest Room. 

Happy Styling !


  1. Guests will not leave home if u make it like this...:)).....nice ones:))...comfy and chic!


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