Styling Entryways & Foyers

An Entryway, also called a foyer... is a space that is located at the front entrance of a house.  When you think of a foyer , traditionally an image that appears is of a space with easy maintanence flooring, a coat closet, a table with a a hodge-podge of things like keys, mail and a few other personal items lying around. Now-a-days the scene in  an entrway is very different. The best of your possessions and treasures are now showcased here. Style and design of these rooms ( if i may call them so ) are now given equal importance as any other room in the house. These rooms are styled to have that 'wow factor' in them.

An entryway could be a complete room by itself, it could be a hallway or a vestibule. If you don't have separate physical area to call it can create this entry space by making a separation from the main living room using things as simple as a bench, a console table, or a wall treatment.

I have seen some really stunning entryways ...sometimes the rest of the house is as gorgeous and sometimes the rest of the house pales in comparison. I can't stress enough about the importance of styling your foyer the right way.
Here are few basics to consider while designing & decorating an entryway :

1) The First Look
This space is the first thing that your guests get to see. So to style this space, think about what kind of feel you want to portray. Do you want it to be personal, dramatic, formal ? This will help you decide about the kind of accessories, colors etc that could go in there.


2) The space
Look around and see how much area you have to play with. If its a small space, adding an amazing piece of art or mirror on the wall will do the trick. If its a larger space, you can probably accomodate a console table, chairs etc.
A Hallway Foyer styled with narrow furnishings
Extra seating & console table in a larger foyer 
3) The function :
Make sure you design the space practically. How do you want it to serve you - Just a foyer or you also want it to be a catch-all place for your keys, mail, bags, coats, shoes etc? Combine style & function using smart storage solutions.

Foyer styled to be just a foyer !
Foyer with Baskets for storage
Foyer with Console Table as a storage
4) The Design Style
Keep with the character and style of the home if you want to go the safe route. If you want to add that element of surprise, you could have modern pieces of furnishings in the foyer of a traditional victorian home. Have fun ... keep it bold yet simple !

Casual Chic

5) The Statement:

Use your foyer to make a statement..about you, your passion, your personality. Show off your prized collections , fotos , a dramatic painting, a favorite color or a favorite pattern on the wall. Give a glimpse of "you" in the foyer.


Welcome your guests with style. Design this versatile space wisely...It's the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression. Here's a collection of entryways & foyers to inspire you : Foyer Inspirations. 

Happy Styling !

credit: desirtoinpire martastewart decorista bhg decopad

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