Color Pick : White's just WHITE ... well not quite !

I have heard people say: White is just white ... It's plain, boring, bland !
I beg to differ.  
White is lovely .... It's Pure, Fresh & Chic !
I love white. What's not to like about white. I feel that white makes your space look bigger & brighter. You can use WHITE to beautify your space in any style you can imagine : classic contemporary, traditional, modern, rustic chic, vintage, retro, minimalist name it.

I read this brilliant line somewhere : White is the most colorful in all its diversity !

Apparently, there are more shades of white available than any other color.  There are cool whites ( like with black or blue undertones ) & warm whites ( like the whites with yellow or red undertones). 

Some interesting names of white shades from Benjamin Moore paints are : Dove wing, french canvas, linen white, moonlight white, white chocolate, white wisp, evening white, white diamond, november rain, white blush, white sand , antique lace, man on the moon, cotton balls, minced onion, cloud nine, lemon ice ....the list is endless. Guess even you'll agree that choosing the perfect shade of white from the countless options is anything but simple !

"the white canvas...its like a layer of dust that covers up the real painting. It's just a matter of cleaning it. I have a little brush to clear away the blue, another for red, and another brush for the green. And when i've finished cleaning, the picture is all there." 
 - Georges Braque, French Cubist/Fauvist Painter, 1882-1963

White creates a unifying atmosphere. It lets you read the simplicity or the complexity of your space. You tend to pay more attention to the space instead of just the surfaces.

White architecture creates more evenly reflected light, which bounces off plain white surfaces, amplifying subtle shifts in the intensity and quality of daylight.  - Elle Decor.

Use white in any space or room. Compliment the white with calm neutral colors , striking bold colors , comforting nature colors , warm earthy colors or any specific color .... each has its own visual appeal ! 

My favorite is white on white.....especially for a bed setting...oh so luxurious ! To avoid your space looking sterile and cold when you use all the white....make sure you use of white accents of different textures, shades & sheens.

I thought I should mention that there is this debate about white : Is white a color or not ?! What do you feel ? To learn more about the different theories please click here !

And yeah...don't limit white to the walls only. Use it on furnishings and floors set the stage for the drama that the design will bring in !

I admit I don't have a single "white room" in my home, but someday soon ... 

Well...I think WHITE is the perfect canvas to unleash your creative imagination, so go ahead ... get inspired and create your very own White Haven.

Happy Styling !



  1. I used to have a white-painted bed room,with ligt blue curtains...and evthg in combinations of white-light blue there. After reading this, I am yearning to have it back,and adding tips of urs to it ;)

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 15, 2013 at 6:51 PM

      Hi Secret. Glad u liked this post. Hope u have fun creating a "white" space for yourself !


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