Color Pick : Coral !

My color crush this week is Coral ... A delightful combination of orange, pink and red !

It's a color that can add warmth, energy, cheer and fun to your space. It can complement any design style ... vintage, contemporary, eclectic ! Varying the intensities of red , orange and pink in the shade created...there are many many versions to this color. 

Some of the commonly known shades are terracotta, salmon, rosehip, peony orange, paradise peach and tuscan sunset. My favorites are the pastel shades of coral that have more of the pink hue. Coral varies from being an intense and bold color to being a very subtle & soft hue in the background. 

When I think of the color coral...I think of an iced tropical drink, dahlias & peonies, a glorious sunset ! People associate this color with a whole lot of things : autumn, summer beverages , peaches, salmon, spring flowers, apricots etc. Pantone had Hazy Coral , as one of the colors in the Pantone View Home + Interiors 2012 trends.

My favoraite combination of Coral is with Grey & White. Pairing coral with neutrals like browns and greys make the room feel very calm. Adding white to this combination adds a touch of class and a contemporary feeling to the space. Coral is also commonly paired with blues ( teal , turquoise , deep blues) and greens ( mint green , kelly green )... which creates a very dramatic space. 

Some people are so in love with this color that they style an entire room with layers of this beautiful color. It takes a passionate soul to do so I guess ! And sometimes it is used for adding that pop of color with accent pieces & furnishings. Either way it sure brightens up and energizes the space.

My coral crush just got stronger with this post. Bring in this versatile and vibrant color into your home. For more design & style inspiration with this lovely color, check out my pinterest board : Coral Crush .

Happy Styling !

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