Color Pick : Purple Passion

My Color pick for the month is Cleopatra's favorite color - Purple ! 
In a lovely range of shades that occur between red & blue, the color purple can bring in so many different feelings in a space. It can be as royal as a queens regal cape, as fun as barney (our favorite dinosaur), as soft as spring wild flowers and as calming as lavender.

I like to pair this jewel tone with silver & rust. It does complement greys, creams and whites pretty well. Purple itself has so many different tones.  The deep shades of purple like plum & eggplant are bolder and can make the room feel more dramatic, luxurious and playful. While the softer lighter shades of purple like mauve are delicate and soft,and can make a room feel romantic and classic.

Purple shades are making a big come back this year. Pantone had Bellflower (a lighter shade of purple) in its top Spring 2012 color trends. Also, Rhapsody (a medium to dark shade of purple) is in Fall 2012 color trend. 

In home decor, most people still take the safer route with this color. While the softer hues like mauve & lilac are commonly used on walls & beddings, the bright shades of purple are reserved for smaller furnishings like table decor , throws , art work etc. The trend to use the bolder tones as a feature walls, as wallpaper or even drapes is catching up. 


This versatile color can set the stage for any mood  & style that you may want in a space. Just make sure to pick the right shade and use in the right amount to get the look and feel you are after.

For more ideas and inspiration to use purple in your home : Purple Passion !

Happy Styling !



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