Design & Style your Home-Office !

All of us ( especially the stay-at-home super mom's ) want a " home-office space". Whether it is to organize all of your family's activities or whether it is to get away form those very people for some "me-time" ! 

This home office space could be a lil' niche carved out in some corner of your 800 sft. apartment or it could be a dedicated 14x14 room off your sprawling home. All we want is this space to be functional, comfortable and yes.. stylish too!

There are no major rules to follow when designing or styling this space. Make it any style or design...a classic-traditional or a modern-eclectic space. But yes, you do have to take care of a few basic things to add that extra layer of efficiency & aesthetic value.

Here are 5 simple practical design & styling tips for your home office space:

1. Comfy : Make this space comfortable enough for you...for your needs...so that you luv to go back in there! A good size desk (to accommodate what you need on there), a good chair, maybe a soft rug to keep your feet warm or even a foot rest under the desk. Let the comfort value ( largely ) dictate the layout & orientation of the furniture too. 

2. Organize : This space ( however tiny or big ) needs to be organized for the kind of work its going to help you tackle. Make sure you have a dedicated spot for everything : printers / papers, colors, stationery etc. Use shelves, drawers and organizers like boxes  &  bins to store different things. Don't forget to label or tag each box and bin...makes life a lot simpler !

3. Attractive & Inspirational : This home-office space should be appealing to your eye 'cause its you who will go back in there time & time again. Decorate & style it with colors  and accents that make you happy. Personalize it with art work, photographs or travel souvenirs.  Add things that inspire you to keep going or make you just plain happy..a quote maybe or your kid's artwork !

4. Room basics : You definitely need the have the basics right before you make this home-office space stylish. There needs to be enough space to do your job ( like if you draw..then there needs to be enough space for an easel or so ). And of-course...proper and adequate lighting & ventilation are important too ! 

5. The Extras : Always welcome the extra touches to a space to make it more efficient & beautiful ! For your home-office space...use techy gadgets that simplify your life...like use wireless mouse, use stuff to reduce or organize the wire clutter behind your desk ! If you have the space add a lounger to kick up and relax...maybe for a a cat-nap or to read a book. Bringing in a lil' nature with plants & succulents to add freshness and serenity.

Right now, I run my show ( ...oh I love the way that sounds) from a regular desk tucked away next to the refrigerator. For a chair I get to choose between a dining chair or the excercise ball ! Fancy shoe boxes for storage behind the desk doors, coffee mugs for pencils pens & markers , pushpin clip-ons for schedules on the wall etc...you get the picture right. It works well for now... but someday I plan to have a dedicated and stylish home-office space ... to better enjoy juggling between family, work & some fun !

Make your home-office space comfortable enough, make sure it functions well & style it the way you want to. Make it your space ! 

Happy Styling !



  1. Kudos for making a truly awesome transformation! The pictures prove how amazing of a job you did! :)

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the comment. I do want to point out that pictures in my blog posts are a combination of my projects and of projects by other designers. Thanks.


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