Pattern Pick : Stripes for your home !

Stripes ! What a simple yet graphic pattern to play with. It has so much potential to add color and drama. From a wide range of vibrant candy colored stripes  to the calming neutrals... this pattern can transform your space from boring to fun, from blah to wow, from classic-traditional to eclectic-modern, from plain to colorful , from dull to bold etc etc. 

Its so versatile ! It can be a dramatic backdrop, it can be subtle canvas,  it can feature as an it any way you want. Vary its thickness, materials and application techniques to achieve the effect and look you are going for in your space. Include stripes on any and all design elements & accent pieces to spruce up your space ! 

Here are some really cool ideas for stripes in your home:

Paint Classic stripes on your Walls

Stripes using mosaic tiles to add pizzazz !

Stripes on your Chair !

Stripes on Accent pieces for Color !

Stripes on your Furniture !

Stripes on wallpaper for a dramatic backdrop !

Stripes painted free-hand for a chic look !

Striped coffee table !

Stripes on your furnishings !

Stripes on your Bed !

Stripes for fun and color !

Stripes on the ceiling too !

Stripes painted on wooden floors!

Stripes of varying thickness !

Stripes using patterns !

Stripes on your stairs !

Horizontal Stripes !

Stripes for your headboard !

Stripe-y Chest of Drawers !

Stripes of same color in 2 finishes - Matte & Glossy !

Stripes on Accessories 'n Stuff !

No prizes for guessing that my favorite is the classic black 'n white combo. Which one is yours ?

I seriously am loving this stripe-y trend ! They can bring so much freshness into an otherwise drab space. Bring in fun and color into your home with stripes.

Happy Styling !


  1. Never thought that stripes look so elegant in home decors :)

    1. Minol Shamreen ( Studio M )August 12, 2012 at 2:07 AM

      Stripes can be as elegant or as funky as you want them to be. Share with us how stripe-y you get in your home !

  2. I just got new curtains - with stripes.....Brown and golden color...looks really good on the windows....!!


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