Design Style : Inspired By Morocco

I was browsing the net for some lighting solutions for my backyard and I came upon the classic Moroccan lantern improvised for today's lifestyle. And that was the inspiration for this post ... Moroccan design style for the contemporary life.

Morocco...a land of rich and diverse culture... of domes & arches, kasbahs & gorgeous architecture, bazaars & spice markets , warm weather & beaches, of couscous & exotic food , of kaftans & silk, lanterns & mirrors, of the movie Casablanca and of so much more.

The Moroccan design is largely influenced by Persia and European countries beacuse of its location. Graphic patterns, jewel tone colors, flowing fabrics, handwoven rugs,  hand-crafted  pottery and lanterns , intricate tile work , mirrors with delicate metal framework and all other exquisite furnishings rightly reflect the richness of the country .

Adding any of the following quintessential Moroccan design elements, you can bring in this rich culture into into your home & lifestyle :

1) Vibrant Colors - Bold & energizing colors is a key design element. Bright shades of blue, turquoise, and jewel tone colors like amber & gold, deep burgundy, fuchsia, saffron etc are some of the popular colors choices. 


2) Exotic Fabrics & Rugs - Using fabrics in silk , linen, wool and other fine textures is popular in this style. Layering them using rugs, throws, cushions, oversized floor cushions & poufs will add to the Morocoon feel. 

4) Handicrafts - Zillij ( a mosaic using terracotta tiles that are lined with enamel and set into different graphic patterns ), beautiful & intricate lanterns , ceramic pottery, brass tea-trays, beautiful framed mirrors - all handcrafted by artisans will bring in Morocco into your space.

5) Simple furniture - The basic design and framework of the Moroccon furniture pieces  is very simple , uncomplicated and have clean lines. Low height furniture is typical to the Moroccan style.


Styling tips to bring in the Moroccan decor into your modern home :

1) Colors : Be a lil' wary about using all the exotic and beautiful colors in one space.  A feature wall with one bold color in an otherwise neutral room will do the job. If you prefer, make beige, white or a pastel color as your base and add accents with the bright colors.

2) Design Elements : Try to stay away from putting too much and all of the design elements in the same space. It can be very overwhelming and will take away from the contemporary feel of the space.

3) Furniture & Handicrafts  : These pieces can be tricky to pick. Yes, we want it to have  moroccon style, but we can use the simple lines and the typical shapes found in the style to bring that feel in. It doesn't necessarily have to have intricate details in it.

4) Fabrics / Rugs : Again, don't go overboard with those either. We dont want the space looking like a fabric and rug showroom ! Use them as accent cushion or accent rugs.

The Moroccan style & decor is very simple. Hence, this design style can be eaisly adapted for a modern home. Bring in style, color & fun into you home with a Moroccan flair.

Happy Styling !



  1. When I read this post, started hearing the Moroccon music in the background in my ears..:))

    Well wrritten!

    1. Minol Shamreen ( Studio M )September 10, 2012 at 5:29 PM

      Thanks Secret !


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