Color Pick : Glamor with Gold !

Fall ( Autumn ) is just around the corner. My favorite thing about this season is the rich colors it brings along. And for me no color says Autumn better than the color Gold. This color is just so warm and luxurious ! The color gold can be lavish and at the same time be very classy. 

I love using gold and all its associated colors (in the yellow & orange range of tones) like honey and amber to style a space for this season. Gold beautifully reflects light even in its muted tones. Using the color gold for decor and furnishings illuminates and enhances the space. 

Gold with its inherent metallic shine brings in elegance. I even quite like the guilded or distressed gold leaf touches that appear on furniture and decor pieces. Whether this color is used with a matte finish or a polished finish, it has remained and will remain a constant color of luxury and grandeur through different design periods & styles. 

Pantone has 'honey-gold' ( an ultimate combination ! ) as one of the colors for their Fall 2012 design trend. Gold tones complement many color schemes. They pair well with red, blues, plums, greens and even neutrals like whites, beige, grey and many warm earthy browns. My favorite is when this rich tone is styled with a crisp white !

The color gold is associated with many different things like wealth, status, royalty, quality , success, excellence, prosperity, extravagance and sophistication. My 5 yr old associates the color gold with the Golden Sun ! Whatever you associate this color with, using it is a sure shot way bringing classic glam into your space.

Use the luxurious golden tones on feature walls, in fine art, frames, mirrors , furniture pieces, coffee table decor, throws & cushions, wallpaper and many other accents. I am sure you will be able to incorporate this visually alluring color in a room of any design style. 

Gold brings in a lot of cheer and warmth to space...especially in the fall season. For styling ideas & design inspirations with this color, check out my pinterest board : Glamour with Gold !  
This Fall, bring in a lil' shimmer & shine into your home with Gold ...

Happy Styling !,etsy2,decopad,pinterest


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    1. Thank you for following and liking my blog posts !

  2. Golden color always remind me of era of king, queen and palaces. So many times I used golden color when client ask for some royal theme to follow in their home interior designs. Golden mirror image is just awesome.
    Mamta Bajaj
    Interior Designer

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )September 2, 2014 at 5:18 PM

      Glad you liked this post Mamta. I agree ... Gold is the tone to follow when you need glamor & luxury !
      Connect with me on FB too @ .


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