Style with Acrylic Furnishings

The secret to making any space feel modern or contemporary ... Acrylic furnishings ! Acrylic is also called Lucite, Poly-cast or Plexi-glass. Furniture pieces and accessories made from this material can make a very strong design and style statement by itself . It can also effortlessly blend in or complement any design style...vintage, modern and anything in between !

A classic coffee table

A bubble chair for a retro feel !

Leave it up to your imagination to conjure up a piece for your space and it can be made for you - tables, chairs, benches, magazine holders, vases, accent bowls and vases, lamp and candle holders, chandeliers and light fixtures, knobs and pulls, sculptures, even bath/shower enclosures, windows and such.

The trend of using acrylic furniture and acrylic accent pieces is pretty rampant now. I guess its because of the material's versatility in its endless forms and functions. Acrylics are also tinted in various shades and hues now to offer more dimension and style to the design.

Don't miss the high wing back chairs !

The positives of using this transparent material  :

1) It instantly opens up the space you use it in.
2) It gives your space to more modern feel.
3) It can be easily fabricated and shaped to anything we want and can imagine.
4) It beautifully complements wood, leather, plastic, metals and many other materials.
5) Super easy to clean , and also its weather and impact resistant.
6) Its not only much clearer than glass but is also only half as heavy as glass !

Negatives that I can think of is that acrylic furnishings are a lil' more expensive than glass furnishings. They can also scratch easily ( if lower grade acrylics is used).

Acrylic furnishings not only make the space seem lighter and open, they also lend a classy feeling with their inherent shine and sleekness ! So next time you want to add a refreshing addition to your space,  how about thinking clearly and bringing in acrylic furnishings. 

Happy Styling !

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