Trash to Treasure : Wooden Pallets - A fresh look !

Wooden Pallets leaning against the garage wall or stacked up in the backyard is a pretty common sight. Usually they are collected or stored only to be made use of during bonfires. 
It's time these flat boxes of wooden slats get a new purpose and look. 

Here are a few interesting ideas to transform this piece-of-scrap into thing-of-beauty : 

A Plate Rack 

Wall Art

An Ottoman

Personalized Art 

Outdoor Deck 
A Coffee Table

A Rustic Table 

A Feature Wall !

Wall Shelves !

Vertical Planters for your flowers !

Yes...on your ceiling too !

For an in-home movie theater seats !

A cabinet face !

A patio couch !

Wall Shelf !

A Pallet Path ...

A sun-lounger !

Coat / Bag rack !

A headboard !

A Porch Swing !

An all-inclusive outdoor solution : Deck, planters & backdrop

A day bed !

Book / Magazine Shelf !

Customized Home Decor !

Well, I don't have a pallet with me ... but I am considering buying one from the flea-market...just 'coz I fell in love with the idea of converting it into a chic wall art ! 
How creative will you get with wooden pallets ?

Happy Styling !


1 comment:

  1. When I first saw the heading of the article, was thinking what could be done with planks.!.As I read through, I liked it as any other article of yourz.I like your collection of the pics that you researched through. :)


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