Design Style : Inspired by Scandinavia

Scandinavian Design - A style that is Simple, Functional & Chic !
This style is just so raw yet so stylish that it make everyone stop and take notice.

The general trend is to call Norwegian, Swedish, Danish & Finnish styles as Scandinavian style. Well, whatever people call it, I am sure everyone is talking about the minimalist inspired design style that is characterized by the use of natural materials, neutral colors & tones. 

The modern dwelling space has white walls. This is the only way to preserve its freedom and enable the introduction of a variety of items without disrupting the colour scheme.
- Josef Frank ( Architect & Creator of Modern Swedish / Scandinavian Style )

In my opinion this Nordic design style is the perfect solution for a compact-space city living. Clean lines and functional pieces of furniture along with colorful accents create a very refined & warm ambiance in a small space !

Here are 5 of the my absolute fav design elements to bring home the Swedish style :

1) Let there be Light ...and lots of it !
No matter how small or big the space is...large windows are an essential part of this style ! Usually devoid of any kind window treatments, they are bright and stark. Even if they do feature curtains and such, they are usually made of airy materials like linen in neutral colors.

2) White - The Color Pure & Fresh !
This style is almost synonymous with the color White ! An excellent background color for all the natural materials and accents to make their mark in, White on  walls and on furnishings is an integral styling element. The pale Scandinavian color palette creates very strong visual effects.

3) Deep in the Woods : 
The natural and rich tones of wood used in this style beautifully complement the crisp white or pale backgrounds bringing in serenity. Light colored woods like Birch, Maple & Beech are pretty popular in this style. Teak is also used for creating exclusive furniture pieces & bold design features.

4) A Kakelugn : 
Relax...it's only a Swedish stove ! Traditionally they were wood burning fireplaces / stoves made of brick with glazed tiles on the exterior. Now-a-days, absolutely beautiful modern versions of the same are available. A Kakelugn is essential to bring in the warm & cozy traditional Scandinavian style.

5) Accents : 
Bold , edgy  & unexpected accents ( like a bright orange pillow or throw, an ultra modern chandelier, a rustic drift wood light fixture etc. ) punctuate the bare white canvas with color & texture. These pieces are displayed in a very laid back & informal sort of way ! Plants & simple flower arrangements also scattered around the space.

Scandinavian design is a brilliant combination of a simple style approach & a highly functional decor. I think the clean & fresh look that the inherent color palette creates along with the key design elements is absolutely beautiful.
Bring in a bit of the Pure Style Scandinavian Living into your modern home !

Happy Styling !



  1. Your posts don’t need to be heavy on text. Photos can go a long way

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )December 4, 2013 at 11:54 AM

      Hi there. Yes, photos do go a long way. But I do enjoy a good bit of read up along with photos. Not sure what you are getting at. :) Do you think I have too much write up on this post ?

  2. Amazing designs..... Keeping designs white makes environment so peaceful and gook looking for everyone.....all designs are admirable... thanks for sharing
    Mamta Bajaj
    Interior Designer

  3. Absolutely stunning. Lots of sensible ideas to figure with. Thank you, Stacey. The floral arrangements are notably pretty. Can you tell Pine Tree State what O & S used on the floors?
    I watch The Leopard once a year. Timeless. special thaks to you


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