Small Kitchen Solutions

Kitchen ... The heart of the home !
It's where most people spend most of their time when at home. A typical wish-list of a kitchen : This space should cater to entertaining, work as a home-work station, a  message center, a breakfast counter, a holiday prep & cooking space etc etc. Let's face it ... for an urban dweller this space comes at a premium. And thus may not have the "space" to fit all of these functions. 
And I am sure nobody would like to be in a cramped kitchen , let alone cook in it! So, it's really important to maximize the functionality of the small kitchen without compromising on the style.

Before getting into the details, its important to decide what your kitchen space is or will be used for. Will it be used by the entire family ( doing school work, eating meals  etc. ) or will it be used for cooking only. This will help determine the layout of the kitchen itself and the location of major design elements like appliances , island / peninsulas etc.

Once this is done, the following simple & clever ideas will help make most of a small kitchen space in terms of style & function :

Kitchen Gadgets & Organizers : 

Increase the efficiency of the kitchen space by the use of wide variety of multipurpose kitchen gadgets like food processors & organizers like spice racks, pull-out racks, appliance garages, drawers inserts and under-shelf pull-outs for storage that are available. 

Right Size Appliances :
Make sure the appliances you use are the ones you really need and are of the appropriate size. There are a multitude of kitchen appliances & gadgets that are specially made for small kitchens. Use sinks that are just the right size, add a faucet that you can manipulate to accommodate large pots.

Easy Access : 
To maximize the efficiency of a small kitchen, all things, especially the everyday things like basic spices, everyday pots, pans, cutlery etc. should be easily accessible. Few ways to do this is to use open shelves , lazy susans, corner pull-out drawers and corner shelves on walls.

Storage Spots: 

Use any and all available areas to maximize storage space. Few of the often-overlooked spaces are : Under the sink, Over the stove ( or on the back-splash at the stove ). Also hanging storage like pot-racks and pegs on walls for mugs etc are excellent solutions.

Island on Wheels :
So what if you don't have the space to have a fixed island in your kitchen, use a cart that you can move around to give you that extra counter space whenever required.  Also it can serve as storage space, as a prep table or as a serving cart. When not in use, push your island on wheels against the wall or a corner !

Use Walls: 

Cabinets ( no matter how many linear feet of those you have ) usually fill up fast. The next best place is walls. Use hooks, racks, magnetic storage solutions etc. Free up the precious counter-space by mounting microwaves under a wall cabinet and having built-in appliances. Make niches in wall for extra storage space.


Design Detail :

If you have a lil extra space, consider adding a peninsula to your kitchen. This will increase  the counter-top area and can add to the functionality of the kitchen, by making space for homework time, a breakfast counter or even a message center !

Simple Styling Details:

Make the most of your small kitchen to add style and personality...
  • Use glass ( transparent / translucent) on cabinet doors, under-cabinet lighting and lighting inside the cabinets to make the cabinets area seem brighter. 
  • Adding mirrors will help make the kitchen seem much larger and spacious. They are easy to clean too !
  • Add color on walls, paint  murals or install a funky wall paper to personalise and brighten up the small space.  
  • Use the gadgets & accessories to add color , style or even to continue the design theme of your home into the kitchen.  
  • Use chalkboard paint on appliances like refrigerators or on  walls to create an instant message centers. 
  • Use a mix of materials & finishes on the cabinets and counter-tops to add visual interest to your kitchen.
  • Don't forget the floors : Use kitchen mats and rugs to bring in a splash of color. Add style to the kitchen with patterns & color in the flooring materials used.

These ideas will help make most of your tiny kitchen. So be assured ... No kitchen is too small to have both functionality and style !  
Share with us your ideas for small kitchen spaces.

Happy Styling !



  1. I totally agree with the choosing "right size appliances"!

    1. Minol Shamreen ( for Studio M Designs )December 12, 2012 at 11:13 PM

      Yeah..there is no use having this professional size appliance just because .....!! :)

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    1. Thanks Nicole. Glad you enjoy them. Subscribe to my blog so that you don't miss any post. :)

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