Style Element : Throw Pillows

Throw pillows...the perfect styling accents !
I can never imagine styling a room without them. Adding the right ones can visually transform the space. Throw pillows ( also called toss pillows) add so much more than just comfort & plushness. They add an entirely new layer of personality. They are so change them with the changing seasons , change them for occasions...or change them just because
Updating your throw pillows is an easy way to update your space... giving it a whole new look. They are the instant solutions to adding color, texture & patterns to create the right mood & style !

You can have a bunch of throw pillows set up and still feel like they don't contribute to anything ! Should they match the walls, the couch , the bedspread ? Should they be patterned or solid color ? Should they of same shape or of different shapes...same size or of  varied sizes...many questions pop up !
Well...there are no hard and fast rules about how to style with your throw pillows. What  I can do is to share with you a few fav pics and tell you why they work for me ...

All solid color pillows in a subtle color palette, enhance the simple & relaxing living room !

The pillow colors are inspired from the painting. 
If you look closely, the patterns on the pillows are of similar ( leaf ) shape ! 

The eclectic combination of solid colors & one patterned pillow in varied fabrics adds to the visual appeal.

Various patterned pillows in colors pulled from the room, to enhance the modern Morocco theme.

Bold prints & bright colored pillows adding visual interest to the white couch set in the muted room !

Kilim pillows of various sizes & designs adding  a new layer of accents to the Mediterranean styled summer porch !

A touch of fun with the sea-horse & the graphic pillow in the bedroom !

The pillows perfectly compliment the materials & colors in the terrace. They add comfort and do not take away from the breathtaking view !

Modern floral prints providing splashes of color & pattern in the contemporary white room !

A wasp, a butterfly & botanical prints in a nature inspired color palette to perfectly compliment the style of the room !

The subtle prints & neutral color of the pillows complimenting the rich fabric & color of the couch.

Pillows of different styles in bright colors adding whimsy !

Though the pillows are of the same color as other elements in the room, they add visual appeal & glamour by the sheer choice of material...sequins & metallic sheen !

Small dark Indigo pillows in silk adding so much more personality to the neutral room .

Botanical prints & varied florals to add a burst of color on to the white couch.

A black & white flower print, an eye-exam chart in linen maybe, a sequins pillow to add glitter, a union jack in pink, some botanical style print...all come together to create a one of a kind look ! 

I luv this combination of varied prints in a soft sea inspired color palette that perfectly compliments the the color & style of the room. 
But I could definitely do without the famous "karate chops" !

Different shaped pillows adding color & personality to the eclectic space .

The lil' grey rabbit adding a touch of whimsy in the chic modern room !

A random punch of color for your bed !

An eclectic & fun mix of peacocks & traditional ethnic prints !

The color gold, geometric print in black & white, organic prints in blue & white .
I don't know why exactly...but the combination does work in this space..right ?

Throw pillows - The perfect finishing touches to your space !

Well , now you see...the art of tossing the throw pillows ( or throwing the toss pillows ) on your couch or bed is not rocket science. There are no strict rules to follow. Be inspired  and follow your heart to create a beautiful space with your throw pillows !

Happy Styling !



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    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )December 23, 2013 at 11:53 AM

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