Pattern Pick : Classic Chevron

The Chevron ! It's such a classic pattern that has been around for so long. This trendy wave can create as much or as little drama as one can want ! Use colors & textures with this striking pattern to bring in excitement & style into your space. I love that it's so versatile, it fits in perfectly with any and all styles of design...modern, traditional, name it !

Styling your home with the Chevron should not intimidate you just because its such a bold pattern. Using this classic wave an easy way to create a focal point , subtle backgrounds or even huge style statements.  

Here are a few simple ideas to inspire you to use this Classic pattern in your home....

An eclectic...almost a tribal vibe to the space with the dark chocolate toned Chevron !

A bold punch of the pattern in the bedroom .

Desk accessories to inspire !

A Mod Lamp Base
A touch of casual modern style in the bathroom .

Funky Chevron !
Classy Chevron !


A Whimsical Chevron fits in a kid's room !

Chevron on accessories !

It's time for the wave !
Classic Chevron tray to adorn your ottoman or table !

A dramatic effect !
Chevron all over... still looking good I say !

Vibrant chevron for your throw pillow !

An eclectic style Chevron !

Bring on the colors !

Lounge on a Chevron !

Update your furniture with a classic pattern !

The bold pattern to play up the space !

A hint of pattern on the back-splash of this modern kitchen 

A style statement !

A Monotone room with Chevron fitting in perfectly !

A subtle backdrop of Chevron !

My favorite combo for this cool zig-zag pattern is Charcoal & White ! The Chevron can be as classic or as funky as you want it to be. Like you saw in the pics, the simplest thing is to play with the colors in this pattern...and enjoy the way it transforms your space. Bring in fun and cheer into your home with the bold & graphic Chevron.

Happy Styling !

fotocredits: athouzwe

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