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Bedroom ... a room for sleeping. Come to think of it, apart from a bed, a side table & a dresser maybe , there is very little else that you need in a bedroom. But yes, you may want many other things ! 

A bedroom need not be large to be stylish. Small & compact bedrooms can pack in quite a punch as well. Here is the deal, having a teeny - tiny bedroom not only is easy to maintain and decorate, but it will also help eliminate stuff you don't really need. And thus, the transformation into this irresistibly cozy room where you want to bundle up and relax !

Here are a few design & styling tips to make the most fav' room of the home efficient, comfortable & a stylish one :
1) The Bed : Invest well in this biggest piece of furniture that'll take up most of the room. Make sure you get the right size to suit your needs. Also a low height bed will make your room feel spacious !

2) Furniture Pieces : Pick compact & practical pieces of furniture for your tiny bedroom. You don't need to bring in this beautiful ornate over-sized dresser when a compact & sleek Ikea dresser can do the same job and save up more space too ! Picking transparent / acrylic desks, nightstands, chair etc will help maintain the visual flow of the room ...hence making it seem the space seem larger.

3) Double Duty : Make sure most ( if not all ) things you put in your room do double duty. Trunks can be used at seating / end tables etc to add more storage. Similarly, drawers under the bed, vertical racks to act as display places for your art & storage. Bedside tables  with drawers will give you that extra place to stock up your books and gadgets.

4) Color & Pattern : For lil' bedrooms, I personally like to stick to neutral and soft tones for the walls and main bedspread ... adding a splash of color with art work or accessories like  throw pillows and such. 

If you fancy a bedroom with dark walls, pair it up with light or crisp white bed-sheets will take away from the darkness and bring your toward the focal point - the bed !

If you are big on pattern, I would recommend adding a punch of pattern in the room to one element ( a throw , headboard, a rug or a feature wall)...and keeping the rest pretty simple & clean. 

While we are on 'color' , try and keep the color of your floor light with rugs etc.

5) Off The Floor : An old trick in the book...keep everything off the floor. Use floating shelves, racks etc. Use legs for beds, to show the space underneath. This allows the eye to  see beyond that furniture piece and thus making the area feel larger.

6) Light : Use all the natural light you can. Keep the window treatment light and airy ! For light fixtures, I like to use more than one. An overhead / ceiling fixture and one as a bedside or reading lamp. 

And again, for these other ones, wall mounted is best since it saves valuable bedside table space !

7) Accessories & Art : Can't stress enough the importance having the right size of accent pieces in your tiny bedroom. You can add the right dose of drama with the right piece of art or accessory. Also, try to keep it simple... eliminate extra clutter.

7) Pack in Storage : I know everyone can't be minimalist-ic when it comes to styling.  For  those...the best tip is to think vertical ! Make full use of the walls...use racks etc to pack in as much storage and shelving space as you can. Don't forget the space above your head boards !

There is no hard & fast rule about using small beds and small scale art for small bedrooms. When done right, large scale items do work in a tiny room as well. 

The above pointers will give you a head-start in styling your small sleeping area in a much practical way. Whether you are a minimalist or an eclectic collector , ultimately it's your bedroom, so go ahead & have fun ... style it in a way that works for you.

Happy Styling !

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  1. 'Off The Floor' is definitely the best take-away tip in this article!

    1. Minol Shamreen ( for Studio M Designs )December 12, 2012 at 11:35 PM

      Thanks Najwa for your comment & for stopping by !


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