Trash to Treasure : Bottles

While wading through my boxes of tchotchkes & collectibles this weekend...I found a couple of beautiful bottles. I figured that along with a green succulent (sitting in my garden window right now ) they could be part of an amazing centerpiece for my quirky lil' octagonal breakfast table ! inspiration for this post : Bottles ... from trash to treasure ! 

The most common thing to come across at a garage sale or at a flea market are bottles. They come in all shapes & sizes, in all styles & colors. Transform these pieces of vintage  bottles into your treasure. Use them in your home...for functional reasons or for a purely aesthetic one !

Group different colored bottles in your garden window, or cluster them on your mantel to add style ! One of the classic uses is of a demijohn as a piece of art ... standing alone by itself or in a group . A demijohn also called a carboy is a large, narrow-necked bottle made of glass or earthenware, that would have been encased in wickerwork at one point of time.  

There are many  different ways to use old bottles as pieces of art & decor. Here are a few for some inspiration :

Demijohns grouped together beside the fireplace !
In the bathroom...a collection of bottles for function !

Bottles adding a Mediterranean flair to the foyer !

Bottles in a row for Chic conuntry Kitchen decor 
Group bottles of varied sizes & shapes for a dining table decor.

Collection of blue toned bottles adding a touch of color to the room !

Turn a bottle into a beautiful lamp base.
Bottles everywhere - as a planter & as a vase & a center-piece

I personally favor bottles that are the demijohns & that have a tint of green or blue in them. How about you ? And hey, don't forget... you also get brownie points for re-using & re-purposing these bottles & going green ! So go ahead & bring those beautiful old bottles into your home to add a touch of Vintage Chic style into your decor.Happy Styling !


  1. Nice pictures! I like the demijohns but can't find room for one in my own home. I personally love the cobalt blue bottles, but they are hard to find. I once had the perfect frosted blue bottle, flat and tall, to put in a client's window to tie a small bathroom together. She loved it, and enjoyed it for several months before, alas, the cleaning service broke it. - Felicia

  2. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 10, 2013 at 9:29 PM

    Yeah. The cobalt blue ones are among my fav's too. Glad you enjoyed the post & shared your experiences with us. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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