Winter Styling for your Home

Winter is just around the corner. Nothing like gathering around the fireplace and enjoying some hot chocolate to keep your body & soul warm. As you get busy prepping for the cold chilly months : updating your wardrobe, re-stocking your pantry, checking up the heaters & humidifiers, updating your garden... its a great idea to spruce up your home interiors for the winter as well.

Here are my 5 absolute simple & inexpensive tips to style your home for the winter :

1) Fabric & More Fabric : 

Using fabrics is an excellent way to bring that extra layer of style & dimension to your space. Throws, pillows & rugs add instant warmth and a feeling of comfort to the room. 

Even the minimal styled contemporary rooms can feel warm & inviting by the use of fabrics on the couch & floor.

Use and accent as much as you can with fabric...even in the Kitchen..use rugs to warm up the heart of the home !


2) Layer It Up : 

Having a layered look for your couch brings in the much needed comfort & snug feeling for the chilly months. Same trick for the window treatments adds to the cozy feeling of the room. Drapery in thick material also contribute to the warmth by trapping in the heat in the space. 

Layering the bed with plush comforters & pillows creates this cozy look & feel for the chilly months.

3) Niches & Corners : 

Create small & snug intimate spaces within you home this winter. Transform the empty corner of your room or a niche into a cozy reading nook complete with a side table to place your cup of coffee !

A comfy seating arrangement with plush pillows by the fireplace...or a nice bench by the window to lounge on accented with a comfy throw are the perfect spots to retreat in the chilly months.

4) Color : 

I love how color can transform a space. Painting the walls a warm color for the gloomy winter is an excellent trick to bring in warmth & cheer ! 

I like to use warm colors & wood tones for decor items...bedspreads, throws, rugs. A rustic-mod style inspired by a neutral and natural color palette also works great for this season. 

When done right, White can be the perfect color to style with for the winter...the trick is to layer this monotone space with fabrics & accents of various sheen and textures ! 

Personally for the winter, I love to pair deep warm colors like chocolate brown & burgundy with metallic tones. The sparkle & shine balances out the warm palette. 

5) Accents & Knick- Knacks : 

One of the simplest additions to your coffee table or end table to create interest & style during the winter months are books ! There is something about having a small stack of books that makes the spot feel cozy & comfortable.  

Nature inspired accents like flowers, winter berries and accent pieces made of wood & twigs fit in perfectly into the winter-styling and brings in the freshness of the nature in ! Seasonal fruits arranged in a pretty basket is a classic touch.

Candles ! I love how the soft glow of the candle instantly creates magic in the space. They are the perfect accents to brighten up and add drama to a room or even a winter table-scape. Soft ( yellow ) lighting is another trick to bring in that cozy warm feeling into your space!

These 5 styling & design tips will bring just the right touch of warmth & coziness into your home interiors for the winter. Gather around the fireplace with your family, a cup of hot chocolate in your hands and enjoy the chilly season in your perfectly styled home.

Happy styling !



  1. neat and precise.. :) i liked your stlye.. *thumb up*


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