5 Styling Essentials : Winter Inspired Tablescapes

December has arrived ... and so has the spirit of the holiday season . Most of us love to host a party this season . A good friend of mine is also hosting a dinner event at her place and turned to me when she didn't know where to start planning for her tablescape ! That's when I realized that I could share my table-styling tips on the blog as well. 

After all the hard-work on decorating your table, you could end up with an absolutely gorgeous tablescape and or it may end up looking like a collection of winter theme-park souvenirs. So, here is round-up of 5 essential elements that will help you design a comfortable yet stylish tablescape for your events during  this winter ...

1) Style & Theme

Keep it simple & stylish. Use minimal & high impact styling elements to bring that wow factor on to your table. Having a theme in mind while decorating the table is a huge plus. Also make sure not to overcrowd the table with too many accessories, let it be easy to pass the basket of rolls around without tipping the stemware over ! 

A branch sprayed in white paint makes for a simple yet bold centerpiece, accented with ornaments ... 
all beautifully complementing the color scheme of this tablescape ! 

2) Colors & Textures

Sure white, red & green are the classic colors to decorate with this season, but its time to shake things up a bit. Keep a neutral base & embellish it with colors like charcoal grey, deep purple or warm chocolate brown. Make sure your dishes, stemware and related items are all part of the color scheme. Bring in texture with table linens & accents. Add metallic colors like gold and silver to add a touch of class to all an white tablescape.

A simple & stylish chocolate brown & silver toned tablescape !

3) Natural elements 

Using nature inspired elements to accessorize enhances the feeling of comfort & freshness at the table. Twigs, small branches, fresh blooms, ferns, berries & seasonal fruits beautifully complement the winter inspired theme you are going for. Use them as centerpieces , as napkin rings, or place card holders. Nature inspired styling elements are great for a rustic style tablescape.

 A rustic, all white tablescape with twines, burlap & twigs for accent.
Simply Gorgeous !

4) Accents

Bring on the drama & pizzazz to the table with accessories that fit into the theme of the tablescape. Make sure the dishes, stemware etc coordinate with the accents. Use ornaments, ribbons, crystals & accents with a bit of shimmer & shine on them. Shimmery chargers with plain solid color ( usually white ) dishes on them are classic.

 Pine cones sprayed with silver paint, crystal & silver accents... 
... all perfect for the winter mood !

5) Light

Lighting plays a major role in setting the mood of a table scape. I love using candles to bring in the enchanting warm glow. Available in every color, shape & size, you are sure to find one to complement your table perfectly. Just make sure they are not aromatic...else they will conflict with the food that you worked so hard to prepare. Lanterns, pendant lights & chandeliers are great finishing touches.

One too many chandeliers you say eh ? I think they are perfect. See how the table itself has very minimal stuff on it. The chandeliers are the high impact accents that are perfect for this simply styled tablescape !

To find inspiration, theme & decor ideas, there are tonns of magazines & websites one can browse through. But to actually take that and style your own table is another deal. So here's my simple lil' cheat-sheet that will help take those ideas & style your very own winter tablescape :
  1. Style & Theme
  2. Color Scheme
  3. Centerpieces
  4. Accents
  5. Lighting
Along with great food, bring in cheer & warmth to your table this season with these winter inspired styling essentials. Wishing you fun holidays & awesome tablescapes.

Happy Styling !

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  1. My favorite tip to use is' candles' this winter

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )December 2, 2013 at 7:34 PM

      Cool ! The warm glow of candle flames is perfect for evening gatherings.


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