My Inspiration Nook : A Cup of Coffee !

I read this recently :

 “ I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now. "
- Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Well ... I love coffee. Though I am not someone who you would call a "coffee addict" , I do savor a good Cup-O'Joe. And I enjoy it even more when I am sippin' it in a cozy lil' cafe. Something about the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee - it heightens the sense of relaxation. And then there is the awesome color of the coffee itself ! 

The plethora of coffee beverages like cappuccino, cafe noir, mocha, espresso, cafe au lait (latte) ... come in such lovely shades of tan, beige, brown, chocolate etc. All these warm shades combined with the natural color palette of the woods used for chairs & tables, against the best backdrop color ever : white for the serving a joy to the senses.

For me, it's an ultimate inspiration for a color palette filled with The Essence of Coffee ! 

Collage of a Color Palette Inspired by : A Cup of Coffee 

This color palette infused with the coffee is all about bringing warmth & a feeling of comfort to the space. I would like to use these colors probably in a reading nook or a breakfast nook, where I see myself relaxing & spending a lot of "me" time . 

Shades of coffee in the bedroom isn't a bad idea either.. eh !

Guess the thing I really luv is how a Cup of Coffee inspires me ... with its rich flavor, wonderful aroma & beautiful color. My favorite is a simple latte with dash of hazelnut syrup . 

It's pure Joie de vivre ! 

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