My Fav Picks : Mismatched Chairs for the Dining Room

Yeah...I know ! Mismatched chairs in a dining room. Not everyone will go for it. But I somehow seem to like fun edgy vibe it brings to the otherwise standard styling of the space. I love it when textures, shapes & colors are mixed and matched to find the "perfectly mismatched" chairs in the dining space ! I have come across many dining rooms with mismatched chairs being the { main } style statement. Some of them are mismatched by fabrics used, some by style,  and some have absolutely nothing in common.  

Enjoy few of my favorites :

The only thing common among these chairs is the Pastel color palette... 
... perfectly complementing the white backdrop !

Chairs in the same style 'n different colors  !

Mismatched Chairs in this dining room styled with a nordic flair have all simple & clean lines !

An eclectic dining room with what I call perfectly mismatched chairs...
... shape, color & style  !

A chic dining room with the mismatched chairs coordinating with the overall color palette !

 The chairs in this dining space are different in almost every way : 
style, materials, colors & patterns 

Modern styled room with a mismatched combo of metal chairs & wooden chairs !

Chairs mismatched by style but coordinated with fabrics like burlap & colors !

The perfectly coordinated dining sets also work for me. Just that styling a dining space with mismatched chairs just has been on my mind for quite sometime now. I am still waiting for a design-client who would agree for me to style his or her dining space with mismatched chairs { fingers crossed } ! Until then...

Happy Styling !

fotocredits: houzzmanolo


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    1. Minol Shamreen ( studio m designs )October 30, 2013 at 11:24 PM

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