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Terrariums I think are the prefect solution to having a bit of the outdoors inside our small sized urban dwelling. What's a Terrarium ? Well it's like having an mini indoor garden within a glass container ! The jar is filled with pebbles & soil and foliage is planted inside. And whats don't need to have a green thumb. Just follow the simple directions and you can have this lil' piece of oasis within your home.

Why Terrariums have made it to the top of my DIY list for the year 2013 :
  1. Easy and very minimal maintenance required unlike most indoor plants.
  2. Portable enough to move the lil' patch of green around the home to create new looks.
  3. Stylish & Compact solution to incorporate greenery into your home decor.
There are tons of websites that teach you how to build your very own terrariums. You will also find the jars, accessories, entire terrarium kits, and such in various stores like West Elm, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn and in stores like Sprout Home, OSH, Lowes etc.

With the variety of glass containers, plants ( succulents, ferns, cactci ) etc avaiable, you can create a terrarium with the look & style to suit your home decor. It could be a desert landscape, a tropical paradise or even a zen inspired moss garden. The possibilities are endless !
Terraniums used as a focal point of in a tablescape !

Hanging terrariums... beautiful decor accents !

You can house a terrarium in any room or space. Perfect on table tops, as centerpieces , and as pure home decor accents ! They bring in the color & freshness of the outdoors in. Terrariums are also now very widely used as favor & gifts.

Simple mini terrariums as favors at events !

Terrarium for a chandelier ... now can you get any 'greener' than that ?

Making a terrarium is a great reason to re-purpose & reuse / recycle those old jars, bottles, light bulbs & containers lying around. You'll be doing your bit to make the earth a lil' more green { brownie points } & the air a lil' more pure { more brownie points } !

Lovely conversation pieces as coffee table accents !

The fish bowl terrarium is a prefect complement to this modern space !

The terrarium trend is going strong and doesn't look like its going to wilt away anytime soon. And like I mentioned earlier, not only it is easy maintenance and compact, it looks pretty stylish too . So buy or even better ... build your very own Terrarium & bring in that bit of 'Green' into your home decor.

Happy Styling !

fotocredits: westelm, vivaterra, potterybarn, pinterest, sprouthome, designsponge, cotedesigns


  1. so earthy!! nice nice! :)
    I love this!

    1. Minol ( for Studio M Designs )February 22, 2013 at 1:25 AM

      Yeah..I luv this idea too ! :))

  2. I would luv to create my own terrarium but where can i buy the material and plants in bangalore.

    1. Hi. I don't know of resources in B'lore where you can get the jars. As for plants most succulents should work. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. When it is grown out of the pot , do u cut it?i have similar one but it is growing out of the bowl.


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