Pattern Pick : Writing on the walls

It all started with creating a list of projects I wanted to tackle before my 'spring cleaning session'. One of them was to style my white-washed brick wall ? I didn't want to hang the the obvious ... sconce or pictures & fotos. It needed to be even more expressive & clearer than that. And what better way than actually spelling it out ! Writing on the walls ( print )...yes..the pattern pick for this week . 

" Writing on the walls " can be such a huge style statement in your space ! It is such a versatile design element that you can incorporate it into any design style.  You can used words formed in various materials like wood, vinyl, glass etc. Wall decals, wall paper or painting the words directly on the wall are also great options. There are many many creative solutions to use 'words' in your home decor. 

Enjoy these amazing projects that I came across where they have used "writing" for styling :

How about stating your " Family Philosophies " !

 On glass partition walls...Poems or Quotes maybe ?

Chalkboard Style ... I love this wall !

A glam style writing on a burlap backdrop ... great mix of elements !

Light up your space with words !

Passionate about a sport ... show it off!

Graffiti ...a style of its own !

Write with natural elements !

Write if you want some inspiration when you lie down ? 

A style statement ..adding color & pattern !

Add visual interest with print on walls !

A feature wall with alphabets !

Spell it out with wires or cables !

A playful touch with words !

Emphasize your design style with words on the wall.

"Writing" to be seen on your walls need not be restricted to when the kids are toddlers. It's one of the coolest forms of expressing your style in a grown-up space it your home or office. Words can add tons of style , color & visual interest. 

And I see that this trend is catching on pretty fast. Some design bloggers have even predicted it to be one of the popular interior design trends for 2013. So go ahead and enjoy decorating with some 'writing on the wall' .

Happy Styling !

credit: freshome, pinterest

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