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Winter has comfortably set in now and Spring is a couple of months away. Yet, here I am looking out of the window into my backyard and thinking about enjoying my time outdoors...gardening or simply reading a good book under the gazebo.

Off late, the modern day lifestyle has drawn many to the cityscape where its a luxury to own a backyard or even a patio. So in the urban-world people have to make do with small humble balconies ( typically a 4' wide one that runs along the edge of the living room ). I have seen that these tiny balconies are used mostly as extra storage space. The reason ..."we don't know what to do with this teeny tiny space " !  

I believe that we can create a prefect little oasis for relaxation and / or entertaining even when the space is small. It doesn't say anywhere that small balconies can't be cool looking { size doesn't matter here } ! The trick is to design & style it well to suit your needs. Here are a few balconies that I came across with simple, space-saving & stylish solutions :

A minimalist utilitarian approach to furniture design, with lots of open space...maybe for tiny tots to run around !

The perfect niche-setting for a morning 'me time' with a cup of java & newspaper ! Luv the chic touches.

A clever idea to add a splash of color & privacy with fabric. And topiaries for 'green' !

For people with a green thumb : A simple (space saving) tiered stand to house all the plants you will want !

A snapshot of your Mediterranean holiday in the city : Pillows, cushions, sheer curtains (for privacy) & a hammock !

Cool use of camouflage fabric ( from the army surplus ) for privacy & the "green" look !

A modern stylish over-the-railing solution for planters. Lovely !

Another cool over-the-railing solution for a buffet table on your balcony !

Perfect touches to the balcony to enjoy some beautiful weather !

Well, I am lucky to have a beautiful backyard. My most fav part of spending time there is when I am with my daughter...enjoying the lemonade she makes { all by herself } for her "mommy & me" time. It's just one of my life's tiny pleasures ! 

Hope the pictures have given you some ideas & inspiration to transform your balcony into your very own lil' retreat.

Happy Styling !

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  1. good write up.these steps are very much reqd to followed in tiny balconies of bangalore

  2. Lovely way to organize and renovate your home interiors in a perfect manner making it look more spacious. Lovely and real inspirational blog, sounds real great.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and your positive comment about my blog. Do check us out on facebook too:
      Happy Styling !

  3. Pots can also provide an interesting base for small to medium sized statues. Simply fill the pot with soil, place the statue in the centre of the pot then fill around it with pebbles.

    1. Minol ( for Studio M Designs )August 28, 2013 at 9:38 PM

      Thanks for sharing that styling tip with us London Architects & and I am glad you stopped by. Pleaseconnect with me on facebook too :


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