5 Styling Essentials : Spring Decorating

It's mid-March and Spring is already { almost } in the air.  As I sit here sharing my thoughts through this post, I glance over at my garden. I see some new tulip buds and the cherry-blossom tree filling with a prettiest shade of pink !
I luv Spring. It is probably the most awaited season of all... the crisp breeze, the blooming flowers, the warm sunshine. Spring brings with it a freshness & energy that is sooo due after the cold chilly months. And { I assume that } sprucing up your home for this lovely season is something that everyone looks forward to.

Decorating your home for Spring-time is something that need not be done by changing all the furniture or big ticket items. I believe "decorating & styling" for this season { or any season for that matter } can be done using easy & simple ideas. 

Here is my round-up of 5 styling & decorating essentials for Spring :

1) Lighten up : It's time to pack away those heavy fabrics that were showcased in winter. My fav' tip for spring styling is to lighten up the decor with linens. Using sheers & thin materials for window treatments lets more light in & will make the room feel bright & airy ! 

2) Color In : Yes, Pastels are the first and a very popular choice for Spring decorating. But it's not a rule ! I luv jazzing up a softer hued backdrop with brighter & bolder shades to bring the colorful Spring into your home ! My fav combination { off the Pantone's Spring Color Trend  } is  the citrus Lemon Zest with pops of bright Tender Shoots.

3) Patterns : Styling with motifs that are inspired by nature { like birds, leaves, flowers etc. } on your decor accents, art, pillows and such will revitalize your space this season. It'll help bring in the visual delights of Spring that we wait for. And FYI ... the Floral pattern is among the top design trends for this year.

4) Decor Accents :  Renew your space with simple decor accents that bring the essence of Spring in . A bowl of fruits , ferns and a bouquet of flowers are the perfect & the most simplest ones to get your hands on. They are also the easiest way to add in a dash of color.

5) Spring Style : To feel the crisp yet relaxed feeling of Spring in your space ... keep the decor really simple. Avoid clutter & heavy layering. To style, use minimal & high impact accents that relate to this rejuvenating season. 

My last tip for you to decorate & style your space for Spring is : Use accents & color palettes that represent this season to You. There are no hard and fast rules to follow ! Make sprucing up your home fun and you'll have a whole new "fresh" space to welcome Spring ... the season of new beginnings.

Happy Styling !

credits:pinterest, desiretoinspire


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Wendy. The 'spring perfect' pictures are courtesy pinterest & desire to inspire. Thanks for stopping by my blog & Happy Spring to you !

    2. The light colors are so cheery! Love it!

    3. Hi Marianne. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I am partial to the light pastel-y colors too.

  2. I'm sitting here drinking in these fresh colours on a very wet, very windy, stormy night in Dublin! Great post!

    1. Thanks Julie. Glad you enjoyed the post. Heading over to your blog right now.


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