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The Bohemian Design Style. I am yet to find two people who have the same definition for this eclectic 'n edgy style. Each individual comes up with a different explanation of what this fun artistic style is. Today I want to share what the Bohemian design style means to me : I believe that it's a gorgeous mix of a gypsy's  happy-go-lucky styling expressions and the colorful south-asian inspired handicrafts & fabrics with a hint of Moroccan flair added to it. { Now that's some mix eh ! }


So how are you going to bring the Boho flair into your space ?
Decorate and fill up your space { floors, walls & maybe ceilings too } with all things cozy, all things colorful, all things that catch YOUR eye and all things YOU love. No rules , no design principles to abide by and no trends to follow. Simple !

I love how this style is adapted to suit today's contemporary lifestyle space. I particularly like a variant of the Bohemian style called the Boho-Chic ... where the 'edgy-ness' is toned down, keeping the inherent play of designs elements { color, texture & pattern } intact.  Here are pics of some Bohemian inspired rooms that caught my eye :
Multi-colored rug & pillows with ethnic prints and the metal light fixture mixed with a rustic wood table & modern style sleek chairs : A collection of all things nice.
 A white neutral room accented with a variety of colors , textures and materials.
This look is so Bohemian to me. Traditional rugs, industrial style lamps, the trunk, the pillows with different fabrics, the wooden bed frame, the loosely draped blue tapestry on the wall, the plant stand...the eye just dances around this space. So fun & cozy !

I assume this space is decorated with inspiration from the Bohemian Style ... A neutral tone contemporary design with a riot of colors used for seating and accents !

The reckless abandon with which materials & decor accents are used here make me believe that this is a true Bohemian inspired space !

The style I feel is definitely Bohemian, just that the colors are toned down a bit !


I like a Bohemian styled room that is tastefully busy ... with design elements that are layered to create a space that looks & feels comfortable and lived in. The decor should give an impression that its been furnished with your travel memorabilia & other cool decor items that you have been collecting over the years.

Artsy Bohemian with a contemporary twist !

And I believe that if you don't really fancy the Bohemian interior design style, you can always be ' inspired ' by it. Apply it to your own style by remembering to decorate your space the way you want to and express your personality. For more ideas and inspiration, do check out my pinterest board The Bohemian Mix and create your very own sanctuary ... filled with the things you love.
Happy Styling !

foto credits : pinterest


  1. Love it! I would like to link it to my blog as I love mixing Boho with Feng Shui! Very well written and presented.

  2. Thank you so much. Sure you can link it to your Blog. Do send me the link to your post. I would luv to see Boho & Feng Shui come together. :))Happy Weekend !
    - Minol ( Studio M Designs )

  3. Love this post on Bohemiam much color! Just stopping by from a share to check out your site. Come on over and see me. Am your newest follower.

    1. Thanks Kelly for stopping by. Am glad u enjoyed theis post. I am heading over to your site right now ! :)

  4. Woah! I love the brick floor! Is it actually brick?

    1. It looks like a semi-open porch, so its safe to assume that it is an actual brick floor that was laid down. Thanks for stopping by Tile Novato.


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