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I would like to Introduce you to our Guest Blogger for this week : Simon Wilson. He is an Entrepreneur, Blogger and an Interior Designer. Simon also writes on behalf of the Martin Brudnizki Design Studio { MBDS Blog } .Today he blogs about one of the most popular lighting trends : Industrial Style. 

10 Ways of Using Industrial Lighting in Your Interior

Lighting is a key element when carrying out any form of interior design, hoping to make it a success. By making the most of the space, adding and creating ambiance and highlighting any interesting features you can engineer a great piece of design. There is of course a huge choice available when it comes to lighting and a good interior designer will look at several options.  In many cases the lights themselves can become a striking part of the design especially given the modern trend towards using industrial products to give a retro or steampunk feel. 

Here are ten ways you can incorporate industrial lighting into your interior.

1. Spotlights can be used to highlight architectural features, pictures or objects. They can also light corners which might otherwise be gloomy. Rather than hiding the spots away use retro designs with painted or enamel shaded in greens or dark reds.

2. Down-lighting is often seen as dull but it can be used to provide a glow that adds to the ambiance which is especially useful in dining rooms. You can use fittings with a storm lantern style, encased in wire cages to add more interest.

3. Wall lights can add extra flexibility to how you light a room; especially if they’re on a separate circuit, allowing you to ring the changes in the way the room is lit. Here again designs with protective wire cages can add an outdoor feel to dining rooms or entrance lobbies. These are ideal too in warehouse conversions, especially when mounted on exposed brickwork.

4. Use LED or cold cathode lights meant for computers and electronic equipment to highlight bookshelves or pictures. Conceal the lights in a groove or behind a pelmet for a more subtle effect.

5. You can also use cold cathode tubes to create an ambient glow around picture frames or flat screen TVs. Do this by mounting the tubes at the rear so that the light escapes at the sides and is reflected back off the wall.

6. Staircases are often neglected when it comes to lighting. If they have twists and turns then lighting from above can often cast shadows and create hazards. The answer is to use inset lighting at the base of the wall to create a subtle effect that highlights the treads themselves.

7. Workshop-style lighting with enamel shades can add interest to a design but it’s important to get the details right. Choose greens, battleship greys or plain white. Combine them with exposed filament lamps for a vintage look. If the shade is hung from a chain use braided cable threaded around the links to supply the power.  Add a protective cage on the bottom for added interest.

8. Mechanic’s inspection lamps can be used to add interest. Hang them from hooks or vintage brackets to light dark corners or pick out objects and architectural features.

9. Rather than go for modern fluorescent fittings apply some retro style by using a suspended fitting where the tubes are under a white reflector.

10. Don’t neglect the fittings. Metal ceiling roses and lamp holders can add the finishing touch to your industrial-style lighting. Bakelite junction boxes and switches can add to the effect too as can braided cables. Add detail by running cables to wall lights in surface-mounted conduits with junction boxes where they change direction.

The key to using industrial lighting in your interior is to be bold. Don’t seek to hide light fittings, put them on display where the designs stand out and add to the overall style of the room. There are many different styles on offer and you should be able to find something to fit the look you want to create.

- Simon Wilson [ ]

These 10 styling & design tips will sure give you all a head-start on using the Industrial Style Lighting. Go ahead & Light Up your space.

Happy Styling !


  1. Great blog. Often clients will think of lighting as an afterthought and your post really sheds light on why they shouldn't be!

    Anne K.

    1. Hi Anne... Appreciate the comments. This is a guest post by another blogger : Simon Wilson. Thanks so much for stopping by !

  2. Hi I have been looking for lights just like the ones in the photo. Do you know who makes them please?

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 4, 2013 at 8:04 PM

      Hi Lil . Restoration Hardware and Crate&Barrel sell lights that look pretty similar to this. On their websites search for ' industrial pendant / ceiling lamps '. You should be able to find them. :)
      Thanks for stopping by. Please do connect with me on facebook too :

  3. These innovative lighting designs are really unique, attractive, awesome and fabulous. You always share amazing and innovating things on your blog that is the reason i often visit your blog to get inspirations things.
    Landelijke Hanglampen

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )February 15, 2014 at 10:02 AM

      Hi Julian. So glad you like my blog posts & picks. Lets connect on FB as well : :)


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