Styling Element : Chalkboard

The idea of bringing in ' Chalkboard ' as a decor element is so exciting !
It's been around for sometime but is soo trending right now. Such a versatile piece of decor : you can change the content according to your mood, the seasons, the events you host and such.  It truly can serve you as your style statement.
This design feature allows you to create your very own piece of art to complement your home & style. Enjoy some of my favorite spaces & things that have been styled with a chalkboard surface :

 A Gallery Wall

A Perfect Planner / Organizer at your Desk !

Great for doodling on Table-Tops

A practical solution to the everchanging Menu Planner or Shopping List

A lovely idea for tags & favors

 Chalkboard Paint Decals for Reminders : even on your Kitchen Appliances !

...If you love to change your headboard often

 An entire mini refrigerator covered in chalkboard paint !

 A great surface to doodle ideas & to-do lists for a home office space

Perfect for organizing with labels !

Oh and guess what : Chalk Ink Pens are available... no messy chalk powder to deal with !

 On Placemats...pretty cool !

At restaurants too !
 For the Menu Board at Cafes !

Replacing a spot where you would usually get to see
an expensive piece of fine art !

 A perfect wall surface for kiddie spaces

I am so inspired by these ideas. If you would like to try your hand at creating something like the above pics for your space, here's a bunch of tutorials to get you started. It's from one of my go-to craft-y websites... Chalkboard Paint Tutorials

Hope you too get creative ... draw, write or doodle away on a chalkboard surface & create original { ever changing } masterpieces. 

Happy Styling !

credits:apartment therapy,pinterest,howaboutorange


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