Design Style : Arabian Inspired

Sand, Pillows and Lanterns ... all elements of an extravagant Arabian scene. Generally lots of gorgeous & vibrant colors come to mind when you think of an Arabian styled space. But I love to adapt this "color rich" design for a contemporary space with a more subtle palette. Toning down the ornate details and bringing in the Classic White with shades of Grey and a touch of Silver is my version of this gorgeous style.

So here are 5 styling essentials that I luv to bring in the luxury of Arabian Design to today's lifestyle :

1. Color Splash  
Gold shades, Turquoise, Magenta & deep Purples... very typical to this style. My take on the { what I think are overbearing } traditional colors is to accent a crisp white backdrop with bold splashes of these luxurious jewel-tones.

2. Furniture 
Low furniture & Pillow seats are key features to this style. Using them in a more modern setting but in keeping with the inherent organic shapes & patterns, creates a very beautiful & relaxing lounging / seating area. 

3. Metal & Stone 
Key elements that I prefer while styling a space to add to this extravagant design style are silver or metal accents : coffee & tea pots, large hammered trays, lanterns . Travertine & Marble for flooring, counter-tops or tabletops are also typical to Arabian style.

4. Bling & Shine 
Grand Mirrors with Silver frames are very typical in the Arabian style to your space.  Using such a mirror in the hallway or the foyer will do the trick. Chandeliers that add in that bling are perfect as accents or Arabian style statement. Perfume bottles are classic decor pieces for this style too. 

5. Touch & Feel  
Layering with fabrics & handicrafts is a huge part of the Arabian design style. Luxurious fabrics like silk with tassels for embellishment on pillows, rugs, throws & bedspreads...perfect ! Soft flow-y sheers in pure cotton are just the thing for a modern bed canopy or as window treatments.

These are 5 simple and effective ideas to create my take on the exotic & stunning Arabian flair. So go ahead, use any of these styling tips and bring in that Magical Arabian touch to your contemporary space.

Happy Styling !

credits : el ramla hamrarue, pinterest

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