RePurpose for Style

To Re-Purpose typically is to alter or re-use a specific thing for a different Purpose. 

The one thing that I can think of that I have re-purposing since I was a kid are Shoe Boxes. They are the perfect storage solutions. First I used them for things like postcards, lil' tchotchkes, letters, and now as coupon storage, mail sorters, misc stationery holders, my daughter's sticker collection ... and the list goes on and on. 

I think that Re-purposing something is :
1) The easiest way to go green 
2) The best way to reduce wastage or trash. 

Here are a few ideas to re-purpose regular every-day items to make stylish pieces for your space. They make for an awesome conversation piece too ! Enjoy ....

Upside-down kitchen graters as pencil & brush holders. The cool clip-it-on-board is made from a spring frame. The table support looks like its a part of a head board.  
Very shabby Chic !

 A cute lil' bench turned into a super practical bed-side table.

Baby Food Jars ...perfect size for use as Spice Jars

A bike as a stand for sink & towel storage..Pretty Unique !

Light Bulbs as Flower holders / Hanging Vases...Perfect on your porch !

Car Head-Lights re-purposed to fit into an Industrial Style Space.

An old trunk & a Step Ladder : Great Console Table for a Foyer !

Old Coke Crates into drawers for a themed dresser !

A crib converted into a work-station for the kids.

Old doors for a perfect rustic style head board !

A drawer on a wall for your home-office space 

A fruit crate nestles a bunch of pillows & throws.

Graters as Candle Votives - Mood Lighting ?

A chalk-board made from a head board .

Shutters as clip-on boards. A great way to organize your mail !

Spoons & Ladles as candle holders. 

Old Tea- Cups make perfect lil' planters. 

Wood Pallets for a bed frame, A chair for a end-table & a tree stump as a table !

Old suit-cases stacked up to serve as a side-table

Benches of different sizes stacked up to create a nice shelving unit.

I am pretty sure these pics have sparked some creative { re-purposing } ideas in you. Share with us your fav' re-purposing project. Till then...

Happy Styling !

foto credits : pinterest


  1. Njoyed the picks. Very interesting. Am trying the bulbs and the tea-cup planters.
    Keep it going!

    1. Thanks Sanila. Do send me a pic of ur completed project. Wud luv to c how they turned out.


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