Color Pick : Lemon Yellow

Summer is just around the corner. And I have already begun fantasizing about enjoying spoonfuls of tangy Lemon Sorbet in the warm lazy afternoons. Lemon has been { for ever } my most favorite flavor for desserts. And now lemon yellow is on the top of my list of  Summer Colors for Interior Styling . 

With so many many different shades & hues of Lemon Yellow available...I am sure you will find one to make you really happy. Traditional, Eclectic, Country or Contemporary...this lively color fits in pretty well with all design styles.

This eclectic styling accented with yellow adds fun & style to this bathroom!

And lately I have been crushing on this almost buttery pastel-cousin of lemon yellow. Lemon Sorbet, Lemon Chiffon, Lemon Silk, Lemon Butter and Lemon meringue are few names the paint brands use to promote the pastel shade. Don't they sound yummylicious ?

Lemony Macaroons, Lemon Curd, Lemon Sorbet ... Hard to resist this lemony flavor & the colors !

Luv this minimalist + Scandinavian look with a muted shade of lemon yellow !

Add this radiant color to the architectural elements in your home to create a visually stimulating & bright space. 

Lemon Yellow for sure exudes cheer, energy and optimism. A very uplifting color,  it is usually recommended { according to Feng Shui experts } for Children's rooms, Living rooms, Offices & Kitchens too. 

The lemon yellow color supposedly promotes self-reliance and an inherent need for an orderly life { Feng Shui } ... hmm, the above pic of an organized pantry says it all then  !

I love when the luscious lemon hue is paired with a crisp white or a classic dove grey. It also complements it's pastel friends { esp. mint & coral } pretty well. Black is an excellent contrast for this color.

The Smeg & accents in a lemon yellow bring in sunshine to this kitchen.

Above is an Inspiration color collage created with pics from Leslie Shewring's work. She is one of my fav' stylist and artist. Luv the pops of yellow in here ... adding cheer & life to the neutral palette.

This bright sunny color can sure liven up your space. You can paint your walls in this shade or bring in a wall-paper in this color. My personal fav' way to style with this color is to use it as an accent.

Add a hint of lemony yellow freshness into your home this summer. Check out my pinterest board : Lemon Yellow for more inspiration & ideas.

Happy Styling !

pics:via pinterest

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