Talk Shop : Cushions by Sara Woodrow

Black & White + Hints of Pink + Simple Designs : This gorgeous combination is what designer Sarah Woodrow chose for this collection of cushion covers. 

She is a brilliant illustrator. I love her style and the way she writes about being inspired by everything around her. Check her work on her website. 

The Classic combination of White & Black brings in just the right touch of sophistication. I adore the simple Brush strokes in the design that lend a relaxed & casual vibe. And the cherry on top : the addition of the gorgeous pastel-y pink hue … just the right element to bring in a delicate feminine touch into the décor & style.

I would use these lovely cushions to accent a French themed home-office space or a Parisian styled bedroom. They fit right in with their color combination & graphics.

I love how edgy & playful the above prints are. They will bring about a sense of fun & contemporary styling to the space.

Great accents for a Retro or Vintage look for your space.

These chic cushions will be perfect to add in lots of style & a touch of pink into your space. 

Happy Styling !

credits: Sara Woodrow


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