Black & White : Breakfast Nook

Black & White is a Classic color combination. It's absolutely Timeless ! 
The Crispness & the sheer Simplicity of this pair is what makes it one of my all time favorite pick to style & decorate with. And for my love of this color palette, I begin a new series of posts in my blog called Black & White. { No prizes for guessing that one }.

Today's Black & White Space : Breakfast Nook 

I want to share with you pics of gorgeous Breakfast Nooks styled with this combo. Notice how everything looks so Fresh & Sleek ... yet comfortable enough to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning.

Love the drama that this combo brings with it !

 Black & White is gorgeous with an air of elegance !

Black & White styling can create a very fuss-free & casual look too !

Luv the sophisticated & ' well balanced ' look here.

Now, sharing with you ... my picks to complete the picture of what I would call a simple & practical breakfast nook styled with this stunning color pair

Breakfast Nook  in  BLACK + WHITE

Sources :
  1. Star Tray from Ferm Living Shop
  2. Metal Pendant Fixture from Bloomingville
  3. Stamped Numbers Clock from CB2
  4. Spire Tins from Ferm Living Shop
  5. Bono Mugs from Design Stockholm House
  6. Odessey White Table from CB2
  7. Marimekko Teapot from Crate & Barrel
  8. Eat All You Can Napkins from Bloomingville
  9. Rug from West Elm
  10. Reed Zinc Chair from CB2
Do share your thoughts on spending breakfast time in a Black & White space. 
For more design & styling ideas with this striking color combo, do visit my pinterest board : Black & White . 

Happy Styling !


  1. Black and white always makes a great statement. I blogged about an artists home a couple of days ago. They used plenty of black and white and pops of color. Their home was a take on Spanish Colonial Contemporary. Check it out at http://illuminationbycindy.blogspot.com/2013/11/artists-home-art-glass-lighting.html

    I love the Dash & Albert picture of the black and white woven rug. It really pops next to the red lobster.

  2. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 12, 2013 at 12:19 PM

    Just checked your blogpost. The house is great..so many colors ! Luv the black n white flooring too.
    Thanks so much for stopping by Cindy.

  3. Although I do love black and white in concept , not sure how it translates in reality. I guess I am scared of the starkness of the contrast in a small space. Suggestions on would you translate the concept in a more traditional setting ?

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 14, 2013 at 12:28 PM

      Hi SS. Thanks for stopping by & for sharing your thoughts. One could add more elements in terms of color or materials to break the starkness of this color combo. Adding a dimension of grey color is a wonderful way to keep it kinda mono-tone yet soften the entire look. On a traditional setting, well... black and white sure will bring in a more formal look...like in the second picture of this post. And yes, great idea for a post. Will work on that. :) Thanks.


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