Color Pick for Fall

Fall is in full swing ! Such a gorgeous season ... nature in all it's glory. Shades of yellows & reds and golden tones everywhere. 

My most favorite things to do in Fall { for ever now } have been to...
  1. Sip 'n savor steaming spiced lattes 
  2. Watch the leaves gently sway & float down from the trees
  3. Bake Apple & Pumpkin Pies with my daughter
  4. Snuggle { for extra time } with my family
And my most Favorite Color Palette for this chilly season ? Well, that { I must admit } changes almost every year. So here I am  tryin' to figure out what would it be for this year, and I realized that I am drawn towards the ones that predominantly have shades of Red in them. Once that was decided, I had another detail to tackle : Would I choose the Deeper tones or would it be the more subtle hues of the color. So rather than looking at designed spaces / rooms, I turned towards pics of food & art for inspiration & direction. 

I picked the following 2 ...

Color Palette # 1   :  Peppered 
This has bold & dark shades like Garnet & Charcoal. It's dramatic & has an air  of sophistication in it. I would say it would create a more Formal ambiance. 
The palette as whole is very Rich & has a lot of depth in it.

Color Palette # 2  :  Flora 
This palette has the delicate & lighter shades of the same colors like linen & melon. 
I would say that it will bring in a more fresh & casual feel to the space. 
It is more subtle but is definitely more crisp. 

The verdict : Color Palette # 1 
I chose it 'coz I love how vibrant it is. It reflects the Essence of Autumn { to me }. 

Which one would you choose ? Do leave me your thoughts & comments. Enjoy the rest of this fabulous Fall season.

Happy Styling !

image credits: // Peppered // DesignSeeds BrushStrokes // Flora // Pinterest //


  1. I choose #2! Both palettes are lovely, but the soft, warm, subtle colors of the second palette remind me of afternoon walks through fallen leaves in the cool, bright late-afternoon sun of November. Great post!

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 18, 2013 at 12:20 PM

      Thanks Heather for sharing your pick & thoughts. Absolutely luved the way you described your pick ! Just stopped by your page as well. It's lovely !


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