Color Pick : Pink

Pink for me is Sugar 'n Spice & everything nice !
It is a perfect color pick to bring in oodles of style into the design and decor of your space. Pink is definitely a tricky color. But when you get it right, you can make a space look as sophisticated or as funky as you could possibly want it to be.


Pink for the most part is perceived as a feminine & a romantic color. It is also associated with being a very delicate & sensitive color. And hence it used to be reserved for styling girly spaces and events only. Lately, this color { in all its vibrancy } is seen being used almost in every kind of space.

This color gets its name from a flower called Pink which boasts of the same hue. The many shades of this color ranges from a dark pink almost bordering red to the pale blush which is closer to white. The many popular ones in between are Fuchsia  Salmon, Coral, Carnation, Piggy Pink, Peony Pink, Champagne etc. I am partial to the more muted & pastel-y hues of pink though.

Just reading the names of the various shades on the paint tins is so fun . Below are a few the paint shades and their names. My most fav' of them all is the " tutu ". Which one is yours ?

According to Feng Shui experts, this Universal Color of Love soothes your energy. The gentle pink thus is the common choice. Though the 'hot' magenta pink is used to bring in energy to any space especially when coupled with orange. 

The bright pink used in this Boho inspired bedroom is a perfect backdrop for all the accents & adds so much character to the space.

I absolutely luv the combination of bright & muted shades of pink that bring in freshness & joy to the lovely vignette by the window.

A gorgeous tablescape styled with all the lighter shades of coral & salmon pink with a crisp white backdrop lends a very playful & casual vibe.

Muted shades of pink in the Blush & Champagne tones paired with shades of charcoal & white create a very sophisticated and contemporary style .

Hot pinks like the Neon pinks & Fuchsia are used as focal points or thrown in to create a unexpected twist in the ambiance. Using bright pinks are also an easy way to add a shot of glamour to the space.

An Inspiration board I created for a Home-Office project. Love the Pink & Grey combo. 

After calling Pink as a color in this entire post , here is the shocker... Pink isn't a color. There is no pink light !!! It apparently doesn't exist ! Watch this short video and decide for yourself ...

So are we gonna call Pink as Minus Green now ? Doesn't sound as pretty or as playful to me. I will stick to Pink for sure.

For more Pink decor & styling inspiration check out my pinterest board : Pretty in Pink . 
I have been wanting to use different shades of hot pink frames for a gallery wall project. What about you ... Dare to go Pink ?

Happy Styling !


  1. I'm not even a huge pink fan but love the way pink infuses these designs. clever!

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )February 15, 2014 at 10:00 AM

      Thanks Ellen. Glad you enjoyed my picks in Pink !


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