Decor Ideas : Organic & Chic Reading Nook

Project : An Inspiration board for an 8' x 8' Nook styled with lots of personality. 

I picked decor elements that have an inherent Organic flair to them. Also, maintaining a neutral color palette , allowed me to play with different textures in the design to bring in a lot of visual appeal. 

The Leather Butterfly Chair was the jump-off point for this design. I followed its cues { in terms of it's material, color & form } to create the look we have now.

5 Key Elements in this Styling :
  1. Organic Forms
  2. Chic Design
  3. Natural Materials
  4. Eclectic Style
  5. Neutral Color Palette
Absolutely luv how it turned out : An eclectic style with a Bohemian touch. The goal was to create a cozy & functional space with lots of style. Guess we nailed it. With a steaming mug of coffee &  a good read, I would sure enjoy spending time in this nook.
What are your thoughts on this ? Do share with me. Till then ...

Happy Styling !


  1. Love the idea of a cozy nook to steal away from the rest of the house and enjoy a great book and even better when its in such a warm color and great style. Neat post.

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 15, 2013 at 6:18 PM

      Thanks SS. Glad u enjoyed my styling picks. :)


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