Decor & Styling Ideas : Laundry Room

How to style a Laundry Room ? What do you need other than your basic washer-dryer & a someplace to house the supplies. Really not much else. But since we do end up spending some time in there, it sure would be nice if the space was well designed & styled. 

The 5 Key Elements { that I would } consider for a Laundry Room design :

1) Appliance & Gadgets : Make sure you choose your appliances beforehand. Choose side by side or stackable...depending on the space you have. It's great to know the dimensions, specifications,  clearances & hook-ups needed for each one before you actually plan your layout. It'll help you design the space to be better & efficient.

2) Storage Shelves / Organizers : It's important to have dedicated storage space for your basic supplies like detergents, stain removers & other clothing-care items. Typically either right next to your washer & dryer or right above them. A niche / space to store hampers / laundry baskets out of your way is also great to have.

3) Work-space : Plenty { if not just enough } of counter-top space to do chores like folding the clothes, ironing, sorting etc ! Extra flat-surface only makes the space multi-usable...maybe prop up your laptop and watch something while working away.

4) Bright with lots of light : A space with good lighting is essential. A good combination of natural light & artificial lighting makes the space function more efficiently as opposed to a darker space. Ambient lighting along with Task lighting like under-cab lighting is a great choice.

5) Smart & Stylish Finish Materials : Flooring, Cabinet finishes, Counter-top materials , Wall colors ... all add to the 'happy' feeling of any space. This space may have a lot of contact with water, chemicals & soiled items ... thus choose appropriate ones that suit its function. So durability is the top priority while choosing finishes here.

My Most Fav' Tip & Reminder : 
Measure the dimensions of not only the area where the machines will be installed but also doorways and stairwells that they will have to pass through to get to the laundry room !

Once you take care of these basics, I am sure that you'll end up with a laundry space that looks and works well. A few extras like a big utility sink, a television that will keep u entertained while folding clothes, a shower stall to wash off those muddy boots or give the pets a bath, can just add to the quality & efficiency of the space. What say ?

For more laundry room styling ideas & decor options , check out my pinterest board : Laundry Room .

Happy Styling !

credits : hgtv , studiomdesigns


  1. Great pictures! The biggest problem I find in many houses is a lack of space for dirty laundry. In a household of 2 adults and 2 or more kids, this can amount to a sizeable amount of clothes... and if you want to sort it you may need room for 3 or 4 hampers. This is especially problematic in new construction where so many builders these days seem to think it's a brilliant idea to combine the laundry with the mudroom. I can't imagine who thought this one up... not only does it mean both functions are cramped but also that every time you come home you are greeted by... dirty laundry. Of course, if you could come home to one of these great rooms....

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 22, 2013 at 8:34 PM

      Hi Felicia. Yes..I one wud like to be greeted with dirty laundry ! Maybe if we could quickly shove all of the dirty stuff inside one of those cabinets with attached hampers .... :) . Glad u liked the pictures. Like one of my other readers commented..." these rooms make me want to do laundry " !!


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