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I think this 425 sq.ft. Loft in Manhattan redesigned by Specht Harpman Architects is almost like a work of art. The tiny little space set at the top of a six story building was brilliantly turned into a contemporary styled loft with a spacious feel. Going through this project will give you ideas & tips to visually increase the square footage in your home & also how to use every bit of space that you have.

First let's take a look at some ' Before ' pics  :


And now enjoy some 'After ' pics :

Luv the clean sleek lines in the design.

The above rendering shows how the 24 feet of vertical space allowed the designers to create a mutli-level solution to keep the loft bright and with almost an open-plan concept.

A White & Light kitchen with clever storage solutions. And no overwhelming elements here to take away from the simplicity.

A bathroom on the lower level ...compact & stylish ! 
Luv the use of full length mirrors to visually expand the space.

I love how they carefully they chose the color palette to help make the space look and feel bigger than it actually is.

Simple & no fuss details on the staircase making it more open.

Space under the staircase packed with storage options . No wasted space anywhere !

Stairs in the bedroom level leading up to a roof garden. Again ... storage under the stairs.

Luv how they have designed this loft to make full use of the natural light available. 

With great attention to detail and brilliant space planning, this project has used most { if not all } of the tricks to transform an awkward little space into a gorgeous contemporary home. Incorporating the open-concept plan into a multi-layer design is one of my favorites here. Do share what was your fav' part in this redesign. Till then ...

Happy Styling !

credits : designmilk , spechtharpman


  1. Neat , although i can't imagine living there !!

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 10, 2013 at 9:36 PM

      I know ! 425 sq.ft is pretty small. But this redesign makes it look & feel much larger. I think personally I wud give it a shot !! :))


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