Sunday Bliss : Vintage Style

I luv how the owner of J' Antiques Tokyo ... Hitoshi Uchida-San has styled his home with Vintage decor accents. It is awesome how he brought his love for antiques from his business into his home so his entire family can enjoy their beauty. The mix of White { on walls & window trims } & Wood tones { on the floor & accents } is magical here. I think it's a perfect backdrop to showcase all the priceless design elements. Take a peek & find out for yourself ... 

The way in which he has the vintage accents & furniture placed around the space , it feels almost effortless. I think this styling enhances the warm & casual vibe of the home. And I like all the light coming in through the big windows & glazed doors ... just adds to the dreamy feel.

I enjoyed all the gorgeous details in this home. My most favorite were the everyday items like the leather bag and the coat rack. It's simple accents like these that have the maximum impact when it comes to putting the finishing touches on a well styled space. This mix of Rustic with Vintage is the perfect recipe to fill your home with History & Story Telling. What an enchanted spot to relax on a weekend. Happy Sunday and ...

... Happy Styling !

// credits : thevedahouse //


  1. What a beautiful space -- it's hard to curate a collection well and display it such that nothing stands out too much and nothing is overwhelmed. What a great eye. I feel like you could spend a week in there just hearing the stories of each item. -- Felicia

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )November 19, 2013 at 10:57 AM

      I know right Felicia ! I'm in luv with the styling too. So casual. And like u said...all those antiques don't overwhelm you at all. Glad you liked my pick for this Sunday. Thanks so much for your comments & for stopping by !


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