5 Styling Tips for a White Table Decor

Winter is just around the corner. It's a time for fun gatherings with family & friends. To successfully play the part of a good host, my secret is : Keep everything as simple as you can! That rule holds good for styling tablescapes too. One of my fav' colors to work with for this season is White. White is Elegant & Timeless. Play it up with accents to create amazing table settings this winter. 

Here are 5 { of my fav' } tips & ideas to create a Chic White Table Decor for a Casual Event ...

Table Style Tip # 1 : Showcase the Bright White 

Adhere to this classic color palette to create a cohesive & put-together look. Use all - white serving-ware, { any style } and pair them with clear stemware and silver flatware to add a different dimension to the color. Don't forget to keep the trays, linens & other decorative accents in shades of White too.

Table Style Tip # 2 : Accents Inspired by Nature

Bring in interest & style to the table with simple natural elements that pretty much make this season. Twigs, Bare Branches, Dried Leaves, Acorns etc are wonderful accents. Twines & delicate Burlap ribbons perfectly complement an all-white decor. Infusing character to a tablescape has never been easier !

Table Style Tip # 3 : K.I.S.S. { Keep it Simple Sweetheart }

Arrange & display your food essentials with much simplicity & practicality. Believe me ... it brings out the dish's best ! With this tip, even the simplest of sides that you serve will look more appetizing & feel like gourmet food .  Use & re-purpose things around the house like boxes & jars to use as centerpiece holders etc.

Table Style Tip # 4 : Texture to the Palette

With a monochrome theme on your table , combining textures is a must to bring in that depth & interest to the display . Use different materials & fabrics to enhance the style. Ceramics, Woods, Linens, Canvas, Jute & Burlap are excellent choices to play up the tactile element in the design.

Styling Tip # 5 : Bring in the Woods 

Addition of the inherent raw & natural quality of wood  brings in a very Stylish Rustic flair to the table . Its most definitely is a very simple yet high-impact design element in my opinion for an all-white setting. Luv the casual feel of the white linen napkins tied with a simple jute string.

Once you have decorated your dining table, make sure you set it the right way too. For a quick reminder on basic casual & formal place setting styles, watch this video by Lifestyle expert Clinton Kelly ... 


With these 5 simple ideas, you can create a Chic Winter-y White tablescape. I luv how warm & inviting the combination of White & Wood is. Do you like the idea of setting your table with an all-white decor ? 

Wishing everyone lots of warm winter gatherings.

Happy Styling !

credits : homelife , 79ideas


  1. Nice ideas for using white. I am a personal fan of white as well. Even though I am in a completely different ballpark-office furniture design, I still love using white.


    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )March 4, 2014 at 9:44 PM

      Yeah ...White is so versatile. I love how its offers perfect canvas / backdrop to style with for any season or mood !


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