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To showcase my love for the stylish Black & White combination, I began a series called ' Black & White ' on my blog. The last post was dedicated to a Breakfast Nook styled in this combination { read here } . This time it's the Bedroom.

One would think that these colors in a bedroom space would be too cold & uninviting. But with the right mix of tones & textures, by using fabrics & accents to soften the look, it can be a perfect combo to style the space where you spend about 1/3 rd of your lifetime.

So here are 5 things that I like about a Black & White Bedroom :
  1. Fresh & Clean Look 
  2. A Chic Style 
  3. ' Well Designed ' Feel 
  4. Casual yet Sophisticated Ambiance
  5. Dramatic 
Take a look at my picks of some gorgeous Bedrooms styled in this Classic color combination :

I luv the sharpness & visual stimulation of Black accents in an All White background. 
It's just Stunning !

Styling Tips for a Black & White Decor :
1) Use a range of materials & finishes bring in Warmth
2) Add Neutral shades like Gray tones { or even a pop of color } to Soften the look
3) Mix & Match accents, patterns & fun details to create a story in Black & White

And here's my most favorite of them all ... 

I love the layering of textures & colors in this bedroom vignette. 
The casualness of the styling just enhances the design.

So, if you liked these inspiring spaces , here's something to give you a head start to creating your very own Black & White haven ... My picks for bedroom accents in this lovely color scheme :

Sources : 

These 2 contrasting colors make such a bold statement. I love the sheer Simplicity of this palette. Do share if you would like to use this color scheme in your bedroom. 
Until then ... 

Happy Styling !

credits :pinterest


  1. These are great rooms, love the dog pillow and the fresh clean feel, energized an encouraging spaces..well done!

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )December 7, 2013 at 12:09 PM

      Glad u liked the picks Carolyn !


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