Styling Element : How to Decorate with Books

Love books ... Showcase them !
Apart from being amazing reading & learning resources, Books can be excellent ' Style Statements ' too. Infuse your space with these literary charms. Any kind works : paper back, hard cover , magazines, encyclopedias, contemporary , vintage ... arranging & displaying them is almost like an artistic expression of what your mind likes.  

I enjoy using books being used as Decor Elements or Accents. They are an easy way to add the following into your design & space :

  1. Character
  2. Color
  3. Style
  4. Personality 
  5. Visual Focus
  6. Conversation Topic
Books are awesome when it comes to using them as accents in your decor. They can fill up bare walls , add character & style to a coffee-table , be a great addition to your end table & tchotchke display cases. 

Take a look at these lovely pics that have amazing ' Book Walls '. I love how the stacks of books bring in so much Drama to the room ...

With a lil' imagination & much elbow grease, you can create this striking look { like in the pic below } . So much color & style ...

With huge Walls of Books in your space, not only you'll be indulging in your passion for reading, it's a brilliant way to show off your prized collection as well. 

The never ending collection of books piled high ... 
... create a striking backdrop to any space. 

 "A Room without Books is like a Body without a Soul. "
- Marcus Tullius Cicero 

Books { I think } are one styling element that is also useful. A perfect way to reflect your literary taste in the decor ... don't you think ? Do share with me if you like the idea of decorating with Books. Until then ...

Happy Styling !

credits : pinterestrefinery29


  1. I would feel right at home in these spaces, feeling of organized mess!! Might never be able to find the book I want though !!

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )December 7, 2013 at 11:40 AM

      Organized Mess is indeed a lovely description. And to help find a book ... a Simple Coding System will do the trick ! :)


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