Sunday Bliss : A Rustic Mykonos Hotel

This chilly Sunday morning , I am dreaming of a Warm Relaxing Refuge ... And the San Giorgio Hotel in Greece ( that I stumbled upon while pinterestingfits the bill. Located on one of the most scenic areas in Mykonos Island, it boasts of reflecting the land's local history & heritage beautifully. With vernacular architectural elements and carefully chosen accessories , it has a perfectly serene & harmonious ambiance. 
Let's enjoy a quick tour ...

" The décor is elegant yet simple. 
The hand-picked extra touches spread the local flavor & an aura of subtle splendor. " 
Every space is bathed in gorgeous Aegean Light ... I think it just enhances the dreamy holiday feel !

It's all in the Details ... 
Luv the Eclectic collection of  Arcadian treasures and Organic materials showcased in the design accents.

I simply adore the white-washed walls & the soft neutral palette with muted colors used for decor. 
Definitely Rustic Simplicity at it's very best !

It would be lovely to enjoy sea views from the sanctuary of this bamboo-covered, outdoor lounging area . 
I can { almost } feel the warm breeze on my skin .

A hotel that claims to offer a True, Authentic & Simple experience . Seems like the perfect spot to unwind & enjoy the effortless, laid back { Bohemian } atmosphere. And that's just what I need for my { virtual } Sunday Bliss ...

Happy Styling !

credits :  Sangiorgio Mykonos


  1. I think most "designer" rooms are over done. I like clean and simple. I love sophisticated furniture and décor.
    Modern Living Area Designed

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )March 4, 2014 at 9:42 PM

      Laura... Nice to see your comment on this post as well. Did u like this Mykonos hotel with its simple styling ?


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